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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

2 Alliances Confirmed

9:00pm BBT
Danielle and Marcellas are having a private chat...
Danielle: I don't think George can make it to the final 2.
Marcellas: I don't want the finals to be all S6.
Danielle: Nothing can be done as long as they keep winning HOH's.
Danielle: (jokingly) We must be rusty. We haven't won any hoh's.
Danielle: I haven't thrown anything. If its meant to be, then its meant to be, you might as well play it.
Marcellas: (random) If Boogie was gay, I would be all over him. He is totally my type. I don't want a guy with a perfect body.
Danielle: The odd thing is that S6 do everything so jointly. Why doesn't one of them break off and play for themselves?

Both Marcellas and Danielle think it's dumb that S6 assumes that keeping Chilltown diverts the target off their backs.

Marcellas: I think Jase is going home... mostly because of his relationship with Will and Boogie.

Marcellas: (about who else he'd do in the house) ... James. There are a lot of gay boys that look like James. He has an okay face and a nice body. Jase, I find him very unattractive.
As Marcellas goes into detail about why, Danielle says,
Danielle: Oh look, there's the two black people bashing everyone again.
Marcellas: (joking) We will both leave within a double eviction week.

11:30pm BBT
HOH ROOM - James, Howie, Janelle and Erika
(Kaysar is talking with Danielle in the Living Room)
James: If the four of us get to sequester, we own it.
James: Once Will is gone there is no more ring leader for mutiny.
James: It's gonna backfire on us. Now the floaters have to get HOH. Chilltown wanted us to go after the floaters, but we didn't go after them, we went after chill town, and now it looks like were going after chilltown's leader.
James: Floaters have to play. Jase says if he stays he's not with Chilltown anymore
Janelle: Lets call Jase up here.

Howie goes to get Jase.

BACKYARD - Jase & Diane
Jase: Danielle runs this house.
Diane: I think Danielle is working to keep you in the house.
Jase: I think so too. I've seen Dani working Marci, Kaysar, James and others for their votes (for him).
Both Jase and Diane feel that Chilltown has thrown him under the bus.
Diane: I don't know if I should stay out here talking to you for too long.
Jase: You're right.
They go inside.

  • ding, ding.. Can you say Mr & Mrs Smith?
HOH ROOM - Janey, Erika
Chatting about Amazing Race, which they'd both like to be on... Ali, and the likelihood she'd have given Howie handjobs to get his vote...
Janelle: It was a good thing we got her out of the house when we did.
James enters HoH.

LIVING ROOM COUCHES - Kaysar, Danielle

Kaysar: I get the feeling you're leaning towards Jase.
Danielle: I'm going back and forth.
Kaysar: I am too.
Danielle: I wish I could flip a coin.
Kaysar: There's one upstairs.
Danielle: There is?
Kaysar: Yeah, there really is.
Danielle: Oh well.
Kaysar: Nevermind.
They laugh.

Kaysar: I'm seriously not going to bed any later than 4:30.
Danielle: I know we can really talk, so I just need to hear someone elses perspective... then I can make my decision.
Danielle: I respect what you tell me. I need to hear the pros and cons.

Kaysar: I'm obviously playing the game differently than you, being that I have the group and you're playing solo. I knew I would have Janie and Howie, but I wasn't sure about James until after we got into the house.
Kaysar: It doesn't seem like everyone else in the house has really grouped up yet. Danielle: Is this what would be best for you, or is it what's best for the group? When are you going to start playing for yourself?
Kaysar: In about 2 weeks.
Danielle: Do you think that any of the other 3 in your group aren't already playing for themselves?
Kaysar: I know they are.

Kaysar: Some people in the house are trying to play in ways and do things like they did in their own seasons, but it doesnt work here this year.
Dani agrees.
Kaysar: I lay out too much. I've told you everything that I'm really thinking, and it might come back to bite me in the ass. You, on the other hand, you keep most things to yourself.
Danielle: It will not come back to bite you, because anything you talk to me about, I keep to myself.
Danielle: Got that, live feeders? I don't want you hating on me.

Danielle: Someone in your group might be alligned with "him."

    ***She's not specicific if 'him' is Jase or Marcellas

Danielle: When he was calling out Jase, how did you guys feel about that? I think for a lot of it, he was speaking the truth.
Kaysar: We knew a lot of what he said already. I'm staying out of the he-said, she-said stuff and trying to keep my credibility.
Danielle: You have to.
Kaysar: You and I both know that this is going to be a different game come week 6. Danielle: I just don't feel the game like I did last time.
Kaysar neither.
Kaysar: Don't you think you will get that later on though?
Danielle: I don't know.
Kaysar: Do you think anyone is feeling it yet?
Danielle: Chicken George definitely is.

Kaysar: What's Diane's deal?
Danielle: She is a thinker.
Kaysar: There are strategists and there are social butterflies in the house. What is Diane's gameplay, what does she do?
Danielle: I asked Diane about the Mr & Mrs Smith alliance, and Diane didn't say yes and didn't say no. She only said they did talk a lot about it before the show, but Jase said something to her when she didn't think it was the right thing to do. Kaysar: Diane cornered me in the bathroom and asked if she could talk to me, because we never talk strategy, and I said sure, you can talk to me anytime.
Kaysar: Diane told me that she is very torn, and she asked me what I thought she should do? I know Diane wants to get to sequester bad. I told her that Will wants to go home, and that would be a problem for getting Jase out this week, because then they could get Will out next week. Diane wouldn't give me any information though, but she was an open book and very easy to read.
Kaysar: It was obvious she was trying to save Jase. She said something about Janelle working in a profession where she scams men and that is so wrong...
Kaysar: She was basically calling Janey a whore.

Kaysar: I never realized I could read people until I came into this house.
Danielle: I have to do it in my professional life. I should have been in law enforcement.
Kaysar: I applied to be a cop. A few weeks later, I got on the show last year. I had an oral interview and everything. The chief ended up being a huge fan of the show, watching the feeds at work and everything. She called me after the show and urged me to re-apply, because I failed the oral interview before.
Danielle: Why did you fail it?
Kaysar: I think I wasn't blue collar enough...

A bit of time passes and next we have Danielle and Boogie in the Storage Room
Danielle: Did you tell Diane that I was going around the house trying to get the votes for Will?
Boogie: No.
Danielle: Diane told me that you announced it to everyone... that I was voting for Will, and that I was going around getting votes to keep him.
Boogie: I never announced it.
Will comes in.
Danielle: Never announce how I am voting, or we are done.
Boogie apologizes.
Danielle:(to Will) When are you going to start trying?
Will: I'll start trying now.
Danielle: I keep putting my ass on the line for you, and I expect you to step it up.
Will: I'm trying.
Both promise her that they will step it up.

  • Alliance #2, confirmed.

Kaysar comes in, Will and Boogie leave.


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