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Thursday, July 06, 2006

We made it!

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Well... we made it. And Janey made it!! Yayyyy. That's where the show left off... the confusing issue now is on the feeds a few times, I've heard people talking about James and Will, as if they're up for eviction... I must look into this further, but at the moment, after a day of blogging, adding tons of new myspace friends and trying to keep up with all the comments and emails, I'm too pooped to pop. K, my friend, I now understand how you lose messages...

Beyond thrilled that the Sovereign 4 made it into the house. Also very happy for Marcellas... can you even begin to imagine how bitter he would have been on HouseCalls had he not made it?! Will makes me ill, and I sincerely hope he gets back-doored out in the least respectful way. Not too thrilled with Boogie either... I think the pair of them would have been my ideal first nomination.

Thanks everyone for joining us. If for any reason you haven't gotten the live feeds yet, i strongly recommend doing so.. there are links all over this blog to get you there to the 2 weeks free. Hard to fathom how a BB fan could do the season with no feeds. It's like watching 1% of a show, and saying you're an afficionado.


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