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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

For James Fans

5 Vetos - 0 Vetos... he did have an HOH, though

As James seems poised to re-enter the BB house, due to your diligent efforts in voting - which MUST continue until tomorrow night - I thought it safe to begin what will be a series of pieces on the houseguests of BB7 with James Rhine: Lord of the Veto.

An avid reader who aspires to be a Senator, James says, "You will be voting for me one day." He enjoys all sports except golf... U of Miami Football, any Basketball... He used to play Atlanta Club Sports basketball. "My dream job would be a 'National Geographic' photographer." Sounds cool to me.
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And here's a piece I found that really shows the soft, incredibly romantic side of James. Who knew?! Sarah does seem very nice.
James: She's an amazing woman. There is not a man luckier. I mean that sincerely. She doesn't belong in that game. That's so sweet. We didn't get to see this side of you.
James: When you have 12 people attacking me personally and physically, you aren't going to get the sweet side of me. One of my mistakes in listening to Sarah was that she wanted me to be that nice guy. I'll never leave her. She's amazing.

And lastly, Things he'd like to find in his HOH room:

Snacks: Protein bars, almonds
Cookies: Oatmeal, white chocolate macadamia
Candy Bars: Snickers Almond
Alcoholic Drinks: Vodka and Diet Soda, Tequila
Non-Alcoholic: Water, Diet Coke, Diet Dr Pepper

Next up... Janelle.


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