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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Evening Update

8:45pm - The HG's start another kickball game. It ended soon after when James kicked the ball onto the catwalk.

6:45pm - The HG's are playing kickball in the backyard. They seem to be having a great time.
My favorite part of the game was seeing Will fall into the pool with his mic on....too bad he was not shocked! Here is a small clip of the kickball game.

4:30pm - Janelle and James are teaching Boogie how to play chess. Howie's there talking about bangin' and boobies. Boogie had been telling stories from BB2 and houseguests past, and his relationship with Chiara. I seems that all the houseguests do is talk about previous events in BB history. Alison is working out in the gym.

Daniele is in the HoH room listening to music and practicing her dance moves!

3:30pm - Boogie asked Janelle if she had trouble adjusting to life after getting out of the house, because he found things to be a little rough. Janelle said there were some problems, like that Michael called her mom and said that Janelle was a bad person that would never get married. "Why would he do that?" Boogie asked. "I don't know..." Janelle said. Janie said she did start drinking alone after BB6, like a bottle of wine a night, and she didn't feel like going out or doing anything.


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