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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Evening Update

9:45pm – Boogie and Nakomis are having a discussion about the game. They agree the BB6 must go. Boogie says he is not committed to taking Will to the end.

8:15pm – Danielle and Kaysar are still talking. This time Danielle is saying how close she and Amy have become and how much more mature Amy is now since the show. She talks about Jason, too….says he is a wonderful friend and inspires her to be a better person. Kaysar said his mother told him not to surround himself with people who make him laugh, be surrounded my those who will tell you the truth and try to build you up in life. He and Danielle really seem to be bonding on a moral level.

7:45pm – Outside, Erika is giving a Pilates class to Will, Boogie, Alison and Nakomis.

Inside, Kaysar and Danielle are having a convo in the bathroom. Kaysar was telling her about going to see Yanni in concert. His description had me laughing my ass off! Danielle found it pretty funny as well. It was nice to see Kaysar laughing! Then, their discussion became more serious. Danielle talked about having her children when she was young (she had her first child at 16). She and her husband have always had kids, so they had never had time alone together. And the first time she ever got a break was when she was on BB3. Kaysar asked her if she regretted not having life as a young adult. Danielle said no, she is looking forward to her kids being on their own and she still is young enough to do things. Kaysar is questioning the whole love, marriage and kid thing. Danielle’s advice to Kaysar is, “Don’t rush into marriage. You have the right to be picky and don’t compromise”.

7:00pm – Will or Boogie say, “Look, skywriting!” BB cuts the feeds immediately! Apparently someone hired a plane to skywrite a message to the houseguests, which is not at all surprising considering Will kept giving the web address yesterday. The feeds were off for quite a while. Once they returned, James said, “If we had just quietly said, ‘Look up’ ….and the feeds were cut again. Then, when they were back, all the houseguests were having dinner and looked afraid to say anything!

6:30pm – Howie, Boggie, Will, and Jase are talking about starting a boy band to entertain the other houseguests. Alison will be their choreographer. BB please find something to entertain them!


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