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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Game on!

Janey in HoH...
Janey: I almost want to talk to Jase again.. I don't remember if it was me or him who said what do you wanna do if it's a tie...? he said well how are the votes...
i said, howie, kaysar, james and ___ are voting for alison.. and i think ali has chicken george.


Howie, Marcellas and Erika in Kitchen... Howie's being Howie
Erika: Howie, don't talk. Just pound me with your 3 inches of love.
marcellas cracks up.
Howie: Marci, are you kidding me? You couldn't handle my 7 inches of pink steel.

The feeds are reallllly getting good. Tonight's been just amazing. All strategy talk.. Dani's in HoH with Janey and Erika, and honestly, it's difficult to tear myself away even to blog right now.

They're counting votes trying to figure out where they stand, and at the moment, the big mystery vote is Chicken Geourge, who has a handshake deal with Danielle - she told him if he was nominated she would never vote against him.. but he also said he hasn't made his mind up yet. She said, so are we cool, and stuck her hand out, and he shook... but no verbal commitment.

Erika and Janey are trying to figure out how to woo hom.. and Dani's planning on talking to him again tonight, and letting them know how it goes.

Dani: I appreciate what you guys are doing , but if i go, i go.

Dani: (re: nakomis, 'I wanna go where the house is going... ' Howie hasn't told me anything, Kaysar hasn't said nothin', Nak won't commit to me at all. AT ALL. She wont commit. Either way.

Erika: I don't want you to leave, Dani. I just think you deserve another chance. She's just mean. She's a mean girl, God. (meaning Alison)

Dani: So lemme just count the votes... I need to work on Will and Boogie...

Janey and Dani are trying to get Erika to go talk to Chicken George.. to offer him a free week if he'll vote Ali out... they think Erika has the best chance with him

Howie enters HoH - "What's the dealio?"

Janey: trying to figure out what to do about Chicken George..

[I'm sorry.. you guys have got to get the feeds.. it's getting too good to concentrate well enough to do transcripts.. too easily distracted by what's actually going on...]

OMG.. Janey's reallllly working Marcy... she wants his vote to keep Dani so badly, she just promised him that if he does this, she will not vote him out, even against Kaysar, James or Howie.


Blogger -Slim Kim- said...

So what is Erika up to?
I saw her talking to Allison after she talked to Janelle and everyone else but I could not hear the convo.
Did you hear any of the conversation?

10:44 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

it's allll good. :) Erika's voting Ali OUT.

2:35 PM  

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