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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Later Morning Report

Everything that's fit to print up till noon, HGTime

Danielle and Nakomis are discussing what they would be doing at home. Danielle would be at work, and there would be a meeting. Nakomis would be off today, and she'd either being going shopping or paying bills.

Nakomis: Donald and I spend 24 hours a day together. We work together, We live together, We party together. The only time we don't see each other is when he is in the bathroom. We're not joined at the hip, but we do spend a lot of time together. It's cool...we like it.

Danielle says that she and her husband don't spend that much time together, because he works nights. They talk on the phone.

Danielle: When we are together, we watch TV with the girls. I'm still waiting for "our" time, because we haven't had it yet. We got married with a child, then had another child, and I'm still waiting for us to be alone together. Right now it's kids, bills, work and we just don't have any quality time between the two of us.

Nakomis and Danielle are still talking. Danielle's talking about her mom and dad, and what it was like when they were young.

Nakomis: My mom has always been that strong lady in my life. She would never give up on her kids. My dad was crazy.. Once my sister got pushed down and another kid ran her over with their bike. My dad went out and picked the kid up by the arm and he was just screaming at him.
Danielle: You were a brawler, weren’t you Nakomis?
Nakomis: Oh hell yeah.. I was the tomboy girl with the knife in my pocket and they (the boys) could never outrun me.

Nakomis talks about her sister, who was a problem child, always running away, and how she would encourage her to call home, so at least they would worry...

Nakomis: She could be duct taped in some strange house all screaming and crying. She has to call so we don't worry.
Danielle: It's hard at that age.. you have acne, no one understands you.
Nakomis: I had acne but not all the time.
Danielle: I wouldn't get big breakouts, but the one I would get would be huge.

Kaysar and Janey are both up!! Yayyyy!!

Janie and Kaysar now in the kitchen.
Janie goes to get fresh batteries.. Kaysar wandering around playing with his hair.

Nakomis and Danielle come inside.
Danielle: Hey Kaysar
Kaysar: Good morning
Nakomis: Good morning Kaysar!

Janie starts to go outside, then doubles back to get coffee. Kaysar is in kitchen eating a banana.
Janie goes outside.

Janelle: Hi! I love it.. getting up early without having that speaker blast me in the ear. I'm on a schedule now!

James is pouring iced tea in kitchen with Kaysar.

James: I'll take my little pre-workout drink today, work on biceps this morning, get like Jase... gotta shave.

Kaysar contines to eat his banana.. He looks exhausted this morning, like a zombie. He's scowling. Decides to be social anyway and heads outside with James and the others
James: I slept in the ant room last night, soon to be called the cafeteria room. Dani: Where did Will sleep last night?

Feed cuts to Boogie sleeping

Outside on couch: James, Kaysar, Dani and Nak. 11:34 BBT

James decides its too hot for him to workout.
James: Did you get alcohol last night? I asked for it last night. I was upstairs with Howie and we took some pills that caused both of us to "pass out" early.

chatter continues...
Danielle: Howie would be an awesome dad.
James disagrees, says they would fight over "lightsaber time"

"MY dad said I'm a Jedi" - "Nice Boobies"... "do me do me do me" they are imating Howie being a dad now and the things the kids would repeat everything he said...

Danielle: Howie was my husband's favorite HG from BB6.
James: People get the wrong impression about Howie.

Kaysar and James mentioned people they encountered outside of house who thought Howie was a nut but didn't understand that Howie is just Howie.

Kaysar, James and Danielle progress conversation to the inevitable ripping on Busto.

"I'm not a smoker", "I love everybody here", "America are all pieces of s#it", noting April's double-standards and two-facedness.

Danielle: Me and Jason were SOV6 fans, and we thought we would absolutely hate April, but she was fine when we met her in person.

Kaysar: The level of stress inside of the house to make decisions would never come up outside of the house, so April wouldn't act out of the house in quite the same manner that she would inside.
James: If Janelle was a pharmaceutical sales person, April would start ripping on Janelle to make herself look better as a saleswoman.

Danielle: Was April a newlywed?
James: They've been together (not married) for 8 years so they aren't technically "newlyweds".
Kaysar: People get married to attempt to fix certain problems, because its "official.".

They move on to Beau-Beau.

Danielle: Beau screamed like "a little bitch" when we first saw one another.
James: Maggie used to curse out BB all the time.

Talk about how Beau and Maggie used to say "F-U BB" after they asked to put on her microphone.

Nakomis: Maybe someone behind the wall was turned on by her.
James: How would we know what sex she is?

James: Maggie used us all well and did a great job. When Howie was HOH and she went in there and manipulated him.
Kaysar: Ivette was presented as a victim on TV, but she wasn't that way at all.

Also mentioning Maggie's racist comment about there only being "poor black people" in the world.

James thinks that BB is mad at all of them. They was an awful lot of yelling in the DR at all of them all day long yesterday.

James: During BB6, we were always being yelled at.

Kaysar and Janelle sorta disagree but noted the Nerd Herd were always singing.

Feed 2: Chicken George, Howie and Boogie in the bedroom

Boogie: I think Will is in the game, now that he's here, he's within the context, but earlier he was pale and telling people not to vote for him, they didn't remember that 'oh, this is that guy we love from BB2.'

Boogie: I haven't slept much at all here - only once did I get all the way through the night, its like "interval sleeping"

CG: You don't sleep good in this place, telling you that right now.

Boogie: You are right about that one, Georgio Armani.

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