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Friday, July 07, 2006

Good Morning!

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Good Morning! It's 6am BB7 House time, and not a creature is stirring... not even a Rachel, although, whereever she is in the world, she's probably excercising and having a lovely conversation with herself or maybe her horses. Interesting to note that not a creature is snoring either. Seriously, how often can you possibly have 14 people together and no snorers? I would have pegged Chicken George as a snorer, for sure. Will too, just based on all of his hostility and aggression.

Anyhow, after all the excitement leading up to the premiere last night, I just about burnt myself out, and actually went to sleep before 3am - lol - a big brother first. I can almost guarantee you, this will not happen again. I actually missed seeing Kaysar in the Jacuzzi - if it ever happened, but I couldn't stay awake for anymore pool playing with Kaysar and Erika... and later Marcellas. What was that other game they were playing called? Duck?

From the feeds last night, it seems quite clear that Erika and Marcellas could both be swung very easily over to the Sovereign 4s voting block, which is great. I think they both need to make a strong alliance, and for the moment, they seem the best choices for the Season 6ers.

I was VERY proud of Janey last night for completely sticking it to.. oops! there goes a snorer now... gonna cycle through the cameras to find out who. My money's on the Chicken man... ok.. really hard to tell, but I think the buzz saw is actually Howie. OK, getting back to Janey - I was so proud of her last night for working her magic on Jase, and getting him to agree with her on the noms. Coulda just been dramatic editing, but it wasn't looking good for our Janey Girl! And excellent nominations too - very deserving.

Well done, Janey! Even though I'd personally like to see Dr Will gone as fast as possible, I think the choice of nomination was very smart for a couple of reasons:
1. It sends a big message that she is a player to be taken seriously.
2. It shows that manipulations, while clever on the basest level, will not necessarily work on the stronger players, and will be seen for the transparent attempts they are.
3. It opens up the door to "backdoor" Dr. Will, which is really how I'd like to see him go out - no respect at all.

Speaking of Dr. Will, there was quite a bit of talk last night between the HGs about Will and James, and who to vote out. So it really does seem like a backdoor ousting is in the works. I'm hoping and praying It'll be a Will ouster - I really can't even bear to look at him - to me, even beyond the botox, he looks like a wax replica of a man, and his snotty attitude just plain sucks.

More to come when someone wakes up! :) Thanks for reading... and commenting.. and everything!

Just as i posted this, Nakomis woke up, and it appears she's gonna stay that way, unlike Diane who got up to pee, and went back to bed. Nakomis is now on 2 feeds, brushing her teeth on the couch in the living room... Curious girl.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH there was a heavy snorer earlier this morning...I thought it was Howie so I went single cam on him...Nope...So then I thought maybe Jase....Nope...My curiousity was still getting to me so I went single cam on the big 4 person bed...It was one of the girls in there!...I kid you not...I know the walls had to be shaking...Had to have been Danielle...Hahaha!

7:21 AM  

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