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Friday, August 11, 2006

After the Re-Do

OK, as you can tell by last night's posts, we were up late!!! That said, not gonna be a ton of overnight's to report, since basically, we're on HG time already. Though they did wake up before me this morning (how embarrassing!), they went almost immediately on lockdown - all together=no strategizing. Here's what happened in the small amount of time they were awake without me... or while I was just too happy to report all the whining...

What an emotional rollercoaster last night was!!

Erika is (understandably) pissed!!

12:20am BBT
KITCHEN - Boogie & Erika
Boogie: I think Janelle feels sort of cheated by Marci, because he has just floated. I think she will put Marci and Dani up, and we can vote to keep Dani.
Erika: We have to keep Dani, she is the brains.

Camera follows Boogie and Erika into the bathroom.
They're joking around.
Boogie gets down on one knee...

Boogie: I came on this show looking for a lot of things, spending time with Chicken George, and instead I found you. Will you marry me?

Boogie puts a makeshift ring on her finger.

Erika: Yes.

Boogie kisses Erika on the lips.

They discuss the HoH comp re-do. Boogie hugs Erika.

Boogie: You will get it when you need it most, and I will get it when i need it most. I had so many lines ready for the DR, too.

Erika: Did Kaysar make a deal with you?

Boogie: Yes. Kaysar wanted to temam up with me and Will, and offered that we scould split the money. Kaysar came at me really hard, saying that Marci and Erika kept saying that they wanted Chilltown to go up in the beginning. I told Kaysar that there would be reasons for either him or James to leave, and I told him that I wouldn't want to be sitting next to him at the end.

Boogie: I told him that he had to talk to Will, and we would let him know the next day. Kaysar came to see me today again and asked again and I didnt have the heart to tell him that I wasn't going to vote for him, and so I just told him that we were voting live... so just give the best speech.

Boogie: I liked Kaysar a lot more than I expected to.

Erika: Kaysar is a good guy. I really like him too... except that he lied to me about not having a deal with Chilltown. I didnt want to send Kaysar out, I didn't want him to leave, but he didn't man up and play in the veto like he could have, so he deserved to leave.

Discussion returns to the HoH re-do...
Erika: If they want Janelle to stay so badly, then I'll just leave.
Erika: Get out of here, so we don't look so hella obvious.
Boogie: Mind your engagement ring.


Anonymous meemma said...

Is Booger lying about what he said about Kaysar? I can't seem to remember.

Anyway, Erika was really flying under my radar for a long time. Even after her convos with Marci, Dani, etc. But when she didn't vote for Kaysar after they built a friendship, I'm done with her. I don't why I thought she might have had a heart.

As far as her and Boogie, whatever. Two ugly people deserve each other.

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Stephen said...

Umm, how did Kaysar not compete in the POV comp like he could have, Erika? HE DIDNT EVEN COMPETE.. he wasnt nominated at that point! He was backdoored by the black widow.. you know i try to respect everyone's game, but Erika really cant do much right with me right now!

1:01 PM  
Blogger Lo said...

lol @ meema... i think Kaysar did approach Boogie about a deal... it aired on last night's show...

i think they all made the right decision to evict kaysar last night. Yes, he's a good person and all but they're not in the house to make friends, they're in the house to win $$$... and Boogie was right, i mean, if u were in the BB house (Final 2), would u wanna be up against kaysar? I think not!

6:41 PM  

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