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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Crouching Dani, Hidden Camera

The HGs are stirring, but the only one up is Dani, and she's in a bit of a state.

10:15-11:00am BBT

Dani's wearing her robe, sitting in the backyard on the red couch. She's staring off into space. She takes her robe off.

10:20am BBT
Erika just woke up. She exited the HoH room and looked over the railing to see if anyone is up and about - most likely scouting for Dani to avoid another scene. Seeing no one, she goes downstairs and into the Storage Room to change her batteries. Leavng the Storage Room, she peeks out the door in the backyard, then goes back upstairs to the HoH room and bed.

Dani puts her robe back on. She's sitting there with her hands over her mouth. Dani gets up, grabs one of Janie's cigarettes, and goes to her hiding place behind the couch.
    ok, Danielle. We'll play along. We can't see you. Actually, we can, and it looks much weirder to be crouching there - very Alison hiding in the planter feeling.

Danielle is smoking and crying. She's wiping her eyes with her robe. When she finishes the cigarette, she returns to sit on the couch. She's crying really hard... really bawling. She takes off her glasses. She is reading... very likely the letter from her mother, which makes her cry that much harder.

Dani: I have to get the cry out in the morning.

Dani: I can't believe I'm in this position. No one wants to take me to the end in this game. I just can't believe it.

She is crying again, staring up into the sky.

Dani: Well, this is Christmas.
Dani: Sorry, Sarah. I tried to save him, but I couldn't. I tried, I begged.

She sneezes, sniffles. She lays down on her back on the red couch.

11:00am BBT
Perhaps BB is waking up the rest of the House...

11:09am BBT
All feeds show sleeping HGs, although Will and Janie can be heard mumbling to eachother. Nice try BB, no cigar.

Dani is still up and outside.


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