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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Overnights

Good morning! Before you start reading the overnights, I just want to call your attention to the 3 posts after this one.. they're new too... since 5:30am today - I woke up brutally early and decided to go on a video hunt... hard to believe but the HGs were all sleepin' by 2:20am, including Janie!

Oh, also, if there's anyone reading this blog who hasn't gotten the live feeds yet.. What on earth are you waiting for?! Especially now... with the 2 week free deal, the rest of the season is on the house. After that, it's up to you to continue your subscription or not. (me, personally, i call and cancel the day after BB's over, and they always offer me a free month more... go figure) Anyhow, here's the link: Watch Big Brother All Stars on SuperPass!

11:22pm BBT
Continuing her questionable behavior... she speaks to the camera
Dani: Why aren't you calling me in the diary room? Because I'm going home?
she mumbles...

Dani lights a smoke and takes up her smoking spot behind the back of the couch.

    ***where we can't see her. lol. kinda like the boogie man theory i guess... when you were a kid and hid under the covers because the scary things in the night couldn't possibly breech such armor.

She mumbles, "I have to get HoH, so I can evict Erika. "

Poker Game... The HGs enjoy a poker game together from around 12 -1.

Dani: Boogie, come outside with me. I have some good info for you.

They go out.

Dani: When I talked to Erika about how she thinks she can get ahead in the game by putting me up, Erika told me that "This old dog has some new tricks."
Dani: Then she said... She's in a secret alliance with Janie.
Boogie: Awesome.
Dani: Is Chilltown voting to keep me?
Boogie confirms they are.
    ***anything to avoid another night like Sunday!

They go inside.

Boogie finds Will and in the bathroom.
Boogie: (whispering) Dani just told me that Erika and Janie are in a secret alliance. What do you think of that?
Will: Erika is a blabbermouth.

Chicken George walks by. They stop talking and move to the storage room to continue.

Will: I told Janie to go make Erika think that they are in an alliance.
Will: Erika is a blabbermouth. She has to leave next week.
Will: Janie is 100% solid with us.

Boogie and Will agree that it's best if Janie wins HOH this week. Then Chilltown, Chicken George and Janie can go to the final four.

They leave the Storage Room, and Boogie goes to bed.
Will goes to the Bathroom to wait for Janie to finish showering.

08/29/06 01:09 AM
LIVING ROOM - Couches - Will & Janie
Will: ...if we're in Final 3, I'll just walk away.
    ***and I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you...

Janie: You obviously want to be F2 with Boogie.
Will: Just promise me if I step away, you'll win.
Janelle: I promise.
    Then they go crytpic...

Will: Just promise whatever else...
Janie: Just tell me now.
Will: No.
Back and forth, and so on...

1:10am BBT
Living room with Will & Janie, cont'd)
Will: The last few weeks will be hell on earth, because it's people you hated, but we'll have fun... just working out and winning stuff, big wrap party.
Janie: What did you tell Erika?
Will: That she's safe and we're going after you next week.
Will: I don't think she has any idea that everyone is against her, especially Boogie, but he is so annoyed by her. Today he said, "Why is your showmance hot and fun, but mine isn't?"

Talking about how Boogie and Erika got started...
Will: She came to Boogie's and came onto him 2 months ago, and I said DO IT, and nothing happened, and now it's convenient, and now he's crazy. He's going with her and he likes it. Well, I'm not even going to get into it. She's using him and he's using her.
Janie: She's going to be pissed at him when she figures out... (inaudible)

Will plots ahead to next week and calling out Erika on the things they set up...
Will:...but isn't it funny that we had a fight today. Right after, I went out to the trampoline, and said "She is such a bitch (meaning Janie) and so boring about Kaysar."
Will: I'll bust her about the secret deal with you, and you can bust her about secret deal with Chilltown.

1:20am BBT
Will: (smiling at Janie) It's so cool that we were able to fake our fight today. Janie: (smiling back) Yeah. What did everyone say?
Will: I went out to the trampoline and told everyone that you were so pissed with me about my Season 6 remarks.
Will: (he spares her the rudeness and says) They don't think we're as close anymore.

Will: Are you going back to Minnesota after the show wraps?
Janie: Yes! My dog's there.
Will: How soon will you be leaving? Like rigth after?
Janie: As soon as I can, since Bear's in Minnesota.
Will: Will you be coming back to L.A. to hang out?
Janie: I'll come back.
Janie: What are you going to do?
Will: What's best for me is to jump right back into work.

They flirt back and forth in secret Will-Janie language, hoping they each want what the other wants, and what they are going to do, with neither one saying anything specific enough to grasp onto.

Will: You just have to wait 3 weeks, and I'll tell you.
Janie: I think you should tell me in the toilet stall or in the DR.
Janie: It's so annoying that you won't tell me now.
Will: I think it's fun.

They keep smiling at each other... and finally decide to play cards.

Will: You like playing games. You're the best at playing games, eveything is a game to you.
Janie: No it's not.
Will: Yeah it is. Why do you think you're here? You're awesome at playing games.
Janie: Not mind games.
Will: Me either.
Janie: Liar. You're a joke.
Will: That is why I'm here actually. I'm terrible at competitions, but I'm great with mind games.

Will: Goodnight Janelle.
Janie: Goodnight, Will.
Will: Mmm hmm
Janie doesn't respond, so he says it louder.
Janelle: Mmmmmm. Unh Uh.
Will: A little?
Janelle: Mmm Hmm.
    ***I'm pretty sure this MM Hmmm back and forth is referring back to the whole "you have a crush on me" thing.

They both roll over to go to sleep.


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