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Friday, August 18, 2006

George & Janie

Janie & George in HOH talking about nominations / votes

Janie: I'm going to vote to keep Howie.
George: I understand... I just couldn't do that to you.
George: It's a game.
Janelle: I think there's a lot of lying going on.
George: You're a smart girl, you can figure it out.....but its just a game.
Janie: I just feel like the whole house is against me.
George: It's cuz you're good.
Janie: It just sucks.
George: You're a champion, I see you downstairs don't deserve to go out that way, you've been playing the've been taking the slack, you've been taking the beatings.
Janie: It's rough.
George: Taking you out that way just isn't the way to do it....then the only one left was Howie.
Janie: I understand...thanks Georgie... I'm not mad at you.
George: What are you going to do?
Janie: Just hope for the best...if i dont win HoH, then i feel like im going home....

Janie: Did Will come up and ask you to put me up?
George: You have to figure that out for yourself. You're a smart girl, Janie.
Janie: At least you spared me. This game is almost over for me anyway. Everyone in the house is against me.
George: I am sorry that it was Howie, but there was no other fruit on the vine.
Janie: Thank you, George. I think who ever wins HOH will put me up.
George: You're right about that, Janie.


Anonymous Stephen said...

GOD!! This is just so shocking and upsetting!! I cannot believe that howie can just get blown out like this... is there any way he can pull off stayin? I dont understadn why Janelle and Howie dont see that James clearly doesnt have their backs and go to Erika and George and say "who do you think is going home when its down to you 2 versus chill town james and danielle? you fuys are DONE..." Janelle, Erika, George and Howie need to join forces!! James will vote to keep howie this week so it will JUST work out.. now if only Boogie didnt have that damn coup!

4:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry i have loved the chicken man till now! after today i have lost respect for him.....see what a little power can do to a person,,,,,,He can lied like the best of them!!!!

6:19 PM  

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