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Sunday, August 13, 2006

James' Alternate Universe

James and Boogie in bedroom.

James: Janelle was pissing me off. She was such a bitch yesterday. She wants to put me up because she knows I'm on to them.

***Oh please! She may be on to you!

Boogie: She won't even consider putting up Marcellas.
James: If you want to do that we start right now (putting up Marcellas). She won't do it.
Boogie: She won't do it. That's ok, we can use it against her down the road.

James: Next week, I get HoH, I put up Danielle and Marcellas, I bring them upstairs, tell them both you two get the balls. You get a HGs choice, you get Will or Boogie, one of you will come off, Janelle will go out, the entire house will vote her out.

***Serioiusly, what planet is he from?

James: She comes up saying she wants to backdoor me.
Boogie: She thinks Will has been against you and doesn't trust you.
James: She thought she could do it. She doesn't like to throw her cards out.

Boogie: Does she tell Howie everything?
James: Yes and vice versa.
Boogie: What does Howie think when she tells him to go ring the bell and make his choice?
James: He wants to be the most popular HG . A pic on his website has him with a star even though they don't fucking know him. That's what he's here for. Fame from reality shows doesn't mean shit. He knows he's a fool. Janelle's like 'Go do it Howie' and he did.
Boogie: What a selfish little bitch.

***James, I would love to see you say that directly to Howie!

James: The 4 of us should be trusting each other?
Boogie: It's working so far and we act upon it. The beauty is now the vetos are going to be so easy to rig. Do you think it's possible that the power that you get is somebody comes back?
James: To choose what HG comes back?
Boogie: Yea.
James: Because Kaysar was evicted, yea. This show will do anything to keep Kaysar on. They say change the game like they've never done before.
Boogie: They can't give too much power. Like let someone automatically evict someone.
James: Marcellas said they were going to do that last season.
Boogie: Let's say I get the clue and knock out Janelle, would they want someone going out like that?


Blogger JustJudy said...

I wish James was gone already.I want him to be put up for trash talking about Janelle and Howie.I do not understand how he can sit there and think she turned on him first.He is living in another universe that's for sure.I hope either Janelle or Howie guess the Coup De Etat right first.I'm still going with "You reap what you sow".

6:18 PM  
Blogger canezjem said...

Neither Janelle nor Howie are smart enough to come up with that. Besides, Howie guessed already. I think Will's going to guess it, and guess it correctly. I wish Janelle was gone already. I can't stand watching her wanna-be self. She really thinks America isn't on to her and the fact she wants to be the only woman in the house? I hope Will and Boogie eat her for lunch.

7:37 PM  

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