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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Past the Awkward

OK... Late Saturday night, a little before bed, post awkwardness, Will and Janie seem to have gotten over it, and he's returned to turning on the charm. As much as I know everything he does is about the game, I'm really glad to see it, 'cause Janie was lookin' a little too bummed in the just after the shower/post weirdness with Will moments...

In this clip, he asks her to say some nice things about him in the DR. When asked, he says he's said very nice. all really good things about her.. like: "A powerful woman is very attractive." Like I said, I'm just glad they got past the awkward.. :)


Anonymous Heather said...

Maybe its just me, but whenever i see Will being all cute and charming. I start to fall for him.

haha, im such a cornball.

8:12 PM  
Anonymous Karie said...

you're not a cornball, I FEEL THE SAME WAY!!! Then again, maybe we're both cornballs............HA

9:10 PM  

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