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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Kaysar's Trying

11:00pm BBT
Bathroom - Janie and Will
They're having a pretty light conversation, then...
Janelle: Chicken George is so annoying.
Will: I floss twice a day, and you only floss once.
    ***Welcome to non-sequitor theatre...

Janelle: Danielle and Marcellas have been working together since day one.
Will is surprised.
They both have a laugh over Chicken George's wondering if Holly was holding a double-sided duck, while studying for the HoH comp. They crack up.
Will: Back to Danielle and Marcellas.
Janelle: Howie overheard them talking about the game, and how they have to play how much they hate each other, and how perfect it was that Jase flipped out. Danielle was talking about how they have to celebrate.
Will: They're legit?

Will: Are you putting up Danielle and Marcellas?
Janelle: No.
Will: Danielle and Erika?

Will: You have to get rid of Danielle.
Janelle agrees.
Janelle: I think when Danielle leaves that the float herd will be broken. Danielle admitted to having Erika in her alliance.
Will: (sarcastically) That's smart.
He continues to primp his hair as Janelle rifles around the bathroom.

Kaysar and James enter the bathroom.

James: Final Four?
Kaysar: One of us is leaving.
James: Oh.
Will: You know how they dont' want me to talk to Julie Chen.. She won't talk to me in the live show or ask me a question.
    ***Will mentioned this earlier as well. Apparently the CBS honchos are p.o.'d about how he addressed Julie last week, and the producers of the show have let him know that he will not be asked any questions during the live show, and that he's to keep his mouth shut.

Kaysar: Be a good sport!

James goes in the toilet.
Kaysar: (whispers) He (James) knows he doesn't have Chilltown's vote.
Will: I want James out, but Boogie wants to keep him.
    ***What a crock.

Kaysar: I need both of your votes. I need to talk to Boogie.
Will: I've tried. Maybe you should do it.
Kaysar: I've done it three times.
Will: I'm over it.
Will exits the bathroom.
Janelle is in the shower.
Janelle: Kaysar, can you bring me a third slop bucket, so I can rinse and shave and stuff?
Kaysar: I don't know where it is. Perhaps someone put slop in it after they took a shower. It's disgusting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really don't want Kaysar to go home...but it just seems like he will! I wish CT would realize that they cannot trust James!

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Cathy said...

What did Will say to Julie?

9:41 AM  
Anonymous cindy said...

Will called Julie "Sweetheart" the other day and it sounded condescending, is what the producers told him.

Nobody can believe a word out of CT's mouth. I truly believe they will vote opposite of each other just to force a tie and make Danielle decide. Will never votes the same as Boogie anyway.

10:20 AM  

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