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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Edict

Just before Noon, BBT

STORAGE ROOM - Dani & Marci
Dani: We gotta do what we gotta do, and Kaysar has to go.
Marci leaves
BB: Will please change you batteries.

Will: Tell James to start campaigning and act all nervous. Janie thinks something is going on between you and James.
Will: Janie told me she can't play for veto next week.

    ***As suspected... Ugh... I can't believe Kaysar thought telling CT was a good idea, even less so that Janie took his advice and told them. She might as well have painted a target on her forehead in bright neon... as opposed to the mere red one that's already there.

James enters.

Will: Erika is telling people that you (Dani) told her to vote Kaysar out.
Dani and James agree that Erika is out of the alliance.

Will: (to James) Janie thinks you believe you're safe.
Dani (to James) : You gotta start campaigning and getting nervous and pissed off, because Janie thinks she's onto our alliance.

James: They think I'm acting like this cause I think I'm going.
Will: Dude, you gotta start campaigning.
James leaves.
Will & Dani discuss Janie real quick
Will:(to Dani) Janie can't play for veto next week.

BEDROOM - Howie and James
James is asking Howie for his vote...
James: I'm a better player and a bigger target.
Howie: My decision is about future alliance, future game play.
James: Its pointless to ask Janie for her vote because she wants to keep Kaysar.
Howie: Its a hard decsion. At the same time we are in an alliance and in this to win.
James: No I understand it is a hard decision. Kaysar's a good guy.
James puts his head down.
Howie: We gotta get Marci and Erika out of here. I don't like the fact that Erika runs to our HOH room then runs straight to Dani's HOH.

James: They want us at war with CT. But if we can keep going after them...Marci & Erika... I don't think all the floaters are in an alliance, but I think Marci & Erika are. They've been inseparable since day one.
James: My speech is gonna be something like 'last year I got put up by a friend & this year I got put up by a friend'.

Howie: This time last year I didn't like you. We were just in an alliance.
James: Should I talk to Janie?
Howie: Nah, she's gonna vote to keep Kaysar.

And now... the HGs are outside on Lockdown... so no strategizing going on... Story Time with Boogie at the moment.


Anonymous Stephen said...

Oh no! I cannot believe that Kaysar told Janie to tell CT about her veto!! I kept watching the veto comp on DVR to see if there is ANY possible way that Janie could have ended up with 55 points and still won the competition without taking the no veto and it isnt mathmatically possible! The only way would be if she didnt look at her score at the end, and assumed she had 65 and lied to say 55 and james ended up taking the no veto leaving Danielle with 49 and Janelle with 55... but I doubt that is the case. Kaysar already sort of screwed the S6 alliance by telling Janelle that she was paranoid when she first suspected Dani and James of being together, and now he is telling her to go against her original idea to keep that veto secret! COME ON KAYSAR!! Janie better win HOH or Coup d-etat!!!

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that was sooo stupid. Don't they know by now that CT is playing EVERYONE! come on people wake up and smell the coffee!! I know you're allowed to have it!


1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the sad thing is, as "evil" as chill town is being with all of their lies and trickery.... They are A LOT of fun to watch. They crack me up. The other HG's are going to feel stupid when they see all the stuff CT pulled on them!

2:43 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

I agree... Chilltown, both of em, have really grown on me - kinda like a fungus... Seriously though, and I'ev been meaning to blog on it for about a week now, Will has definitely won me over, and I started out as a major Will hater. He was the only one I didn't care for in the beginning... now he's among my favorites. Unlike last season, though, no matter who wins, i wont feel like something's gone terribly wrong.

2:51 PM  

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