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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Wow. Good morning! I just went in to check the overnights and realized, there's really no such thing today, since I was up all night long with them! All that happened after I went to bed at 4ish EST, was a bit more HoH Comp studying with Howie, Janie and Will. Howie was pretty funny actually. He made sure to assure the internet viewers that he and Janie were only going to go over very basic stuff while Will was in the room - so we shouldn't worry.

Boogie and James were woken up by BB to go and do Diary Room sessions. Poor things. They were both whining about it being so late to do a DR session, but it was just after midnight their time, and "when are we ever in bed before midnight?"
They had a snack and went back to bed after.

To see they rest of the overnights... please scroll down a little bit, or just click here: FunNight .

At the moment, 8:20am BBT, Dani is the only one up in the house...

9:30am BBT, Dani's still the only one up...
10:00am BBT, Dani's still the only one up... lol.. and now she's gone back to sleep!

I think it's gonna be a pretty light day on the feeds...


Anonymous Meemma said...

Could it be the reason why I can't see the video clips is because youtube is down?

I'm hoping that's the culpit and not my computer going wonky.

9:10 AM  

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