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Monday, August 28, 2006

Last Night

Good morning! Happy Monday!

For those of us who've been feeling gypped of our Will-Janie time over the last couple days, last night was a wonderful thing. But as you'll see as the overnight report progresses, all good things must come to an end... Oh Boy, Dani... Did you know the Emmys were on last night? Is that what that performance was about?

But I digress... first things first, and I'll get to the nomination for best supporting actress in an overly dramatic role as it comes up in the timeline for the evening.

First, I set the stage...

7:30pm - 8:00pm BBT
BACKYARD - Will & Janie
Will: Oh, you have to be careful to look behind the sofa when you come out here now. Dani has taken to hiding behind it to smoke so the internet can't see.
Janie: Are you serious?
Will: I just don't want to make a mistake right now.
Janie says she'll be careful.

Will and Janie bounce together on the trampoline for a while, then lay down in the middle of it to have a chat, which BB interrupts immediately, telling the to put their mic's on, so they get up and bounce some more, before deciding to do laps in the backyard.

8:15pm-8:30pm BBT
Will and Janie are walking.
Dani behind the sofa outside smoking on a cigg. She goes inside.
Will reminds Boogie and Janie to watch out for Dani hiding behind the sofa to smoke.

Dani comes back outside, and Will invites her to join them walking. She does.
They start talking about the poor quality of the wine in the house. They're guessing BB just bought cases of the crap wine, so they have to use it all up. Janie's being quiet.

Dani: They say that they give you hard liquor at sequestor.
Janie: Lots.
Dani: I am going to be drunk everynight in my room.

Will bemoans the impending loss of the trampoline - Tuesday. Wishes they wouldn't take it - no one has missed the pool table. Dani bemoans the lack of alcohol and goes in to the DR to check about it.

Dani: No. Not yet. Will, you go ask. They gave you Neil Patrick Harris for Christmas.

He lets it slide.

Will starts singing, so we go to flames. Every time they come back, he sings some more, and we get more flames. Then he starts singing something in french, which makes the girls giggle, and he stops, saying, "Oh, no singing in any language. ok."

They continue walking, talking and flirting. Dani drops out of the walk.
Will: You're America's choice, Janelle.
Janie: No, you are.
Will: No, you are.
Back and forth...
Will: Just call America's hotline: 1-800-CHILL.

9:00pm BBT
BACKYARD - Everyone
Boogie, Dani and Chicken George in the Jacuzzi
Erika on the edge of the Jacuzzi
Jani and Will on the couch - smart girl (Will always wigs out when she gets in the jacuzzi)

Dani comes out with 2 bottles of wine and 4 beers, which BB has finally provided.

Boogie launches into a tremendously long story about a living situation he had about 5-6 years ago... During the story, Janie's playing hostess, refilling glasses when she sees empties, and always returning to Will's side on the couch.

The end of Boogie's story turns into a discussion on animal shelters, and Dani is already beginning to slur... Erika is very knowledgeable about the shelter situation - she volunteers at one...

Dani's been drinking while sitting in the hot tub, so she's getting pretty looped.

10:15pm BBT
Everyone's shifted to various spots around the backyard. Danielle is drunk and engaging George in conversation. he's patiently listening to her ramble.
Danielle: You have to stay focussed, George.
George: The game gets confusing. This won't be over till october.
Danielle: (starts crying) I can't wait to be home with my husband.
Danielle:(referring to their spouses and children) You and I are probably the richest people in this house.

Danielle takes a sip of her wine.

Danielle's still going on and on, and George, God bless him, is still listening.

Feeds 1 & 2 Will and Janelle playing cards and whispering.
Feeds 3& 4 Dani and George

Dani's slurring big-time now. She's on a non-stop f-bomb filled rant about the game and things that have gone on, and George is being a good guy, just letting her talk it out.

Dani: I know I'm going home because of Erika's allegiance to Chilltown. It just doesn't make any sense to me.
Dani: Take Janelle to the final 2 with you, George.
Dani: Since I'm going home, I'm telling you everything. I'm strong. That's why I'm going.

Camera angle widens to reveal Erika is sitting right there...

Dani: (at Erika) WHAT?!
Erika: (remains silent)

    ***I'm going to post this now, and add the rest to this same post, so things don't get read out of order.. but I want you to have something to read now. :) The rest will be up shortly, and tagged on just below here...

George: I better let you two talk.
Danielle is yelling.
Dani: She betrayed me!
Erika: Nothing has happened yet.
BB: Danielle, please put on your microphone.
Dani: I had your back. You wont get my vote.
Erika: That's fine.
Erika: I never believed you had my back.

Danielle's having a very scarface moment... she keeps repeating the same phrase.


11:30pm BBT (by the way)
Dani: You are by yourself now. Cause I had your back.
Erika: I feel like I've always been by myself.
Dani: Touche'.
Dani: You cried, Erika, because you were gonna nominate me.
Erika: Yeah, I did.
Dani: Stupid me.
Dani: I had your f'in back. I made a commitment to you.

Erika: I cant beat you in the final 2.
Dani: BULL Shit.
Dani: I hate the fact that I trusted you.
Erika: I hate the fact that I trusted you too.
Dani: Whatever.
Erika: I am sory about that.
Dani: So be it. I would have fought for you, but you nominate me, and it is the ultimate betryal.
    ***...and the emmy goes to...
    there's more to come..
    It gets worse.

Danielle's repeating the same things over and over. She is smoking and slurring, calling Erika stupid.. It's not pretty.

Dani: I would have moved heaven and earth for you.
Now Dani's crying...
Dani: I believed in you. I hate that. You're not viscious. You were my Jason, and I was your Jack.
Dani: When I'm gone Thursday, you are by yourself.

    *** more to come.. added to this post.. refresh in a few minutes.

11:45pm BBT

Danielle lights another cigarette,
Dani: I'm not here to win this game anyway. I assumed I'd go out anyway, by Chilltown or Janelle. I couldn't believe it when you said you were here to win the game.
Erica: The ceremony hasn't happened yet.
    ***No shit, Erika. That's why you're getting this performance now!

Danielle keeps saying, "Whatever."

Erika goes inside.
George comes out and says goodnight to Danielle.

Erika goes to the Bug Room, to talk to Boogie and Will.
Erika:(to Boogie) I can't put her up. She's hysterical now.
She wakes Will up.

Will gets up to talk to Erika.
Danielle's sitting outside with a big smirk on her face. She gets in the hot tub.

12 midnight, BBT
HOH ROOM - Will & Erika
Will: Dani is just drunk.
Erika: I can't do this.
Will and Erika go to the HoH Room.
Will: Be a gamer, Erika. Danielle is just doing this to play with your emotions. Will: Erika, If Danielle doesn't leave this week, she is going to win this game.

Erika rehashes the conversation for Will.

Will: You know this is the right thing to do.
Will: Don't be fooled by her crying. She will cry and beg and plead.
Will: We told her she was safe, so why is she worried?
Will: Because she is a liar too.
Erika: The sobbing was too much.
Will: The smartest move in the game is to get rid of her.
Will: TOday she said that she was coming after you. She is dangerous, Erika.

HOT TUB - Danielle
Deep in thought, alone.

HOH ROOM - Will and Erika
Will: Dani is saying whatever she thinks you want to hear. Last week she was saying Chicken George was a threat, and that she will cry to the jury if she is in the final 2.

Will's really working hard on Erika to make sure she doesn't cave.

Will: If you put her up, she'll ignore you.

12:08 am BBT

Dani getting out of the hot tub and into the house. She take a shower.

Danielle gets out of the shower, and goes to the HOH room.
She stands outside ringing the bell. 10 times now. And knocking.
Will and Erika are ignoring her.
Now she's ringing it over and over again.
Will and Erika go into the HoH bathroom and shut the door.

Dani:(from outside HoH) Open the door, Erika.

Now she starts ringing the doorbell again. Over and Over.

Dani starts jiggling the door handle.
Dani: Erika open the door. Erika open the door.

Dani resorts to just holding down the doorbell.

Meanwhile, Will and Erika are just sitting on the bathroom floor.

George looks upstairs, wondering what is going on.
Dani looks down at him and says: It's just me.

They all think she's crazy.

12:25am BBT
BUG ROOM - Boogie and Janie are now awake (due to Dani).
OUTSIDE HOH - Dani puts her face to the door... talking into the door. Knocking.
Now she finally walks away.

She woke up the whole house with her antics.

INSIDE HOH - WIll and Erika
Since the craziness has stopped, they come out of the bathroom.

Dani is now in the backyard.
Janie has joined her.
    *** Poor Janie.

Danielle repeats the whole rant to Janie.

HOH ROOM - Will and Erika
Will's still working his magic, making sure Erika will stil put Dani up. Erika's really stressed out.

BACKYARD - Dani and Janie
Dani's still ranting to Janie about Erika.

12:52 - HOH Room
Will sleeps up there with Erika... understandable, since if he leaves, he can't control the game, and as soon as he leaves, Dani will gain entry.
Erika: Hold my hand, Will. I'm scared.
    ***oh lord.

BACKYARD - George and Janie
I believe Dani has passed out.
George and Janie try to make sense of everything that just happened.
They go inside and make some food, and kid around with eachother about doing something silly at the veto ceremony.

Everyone in Bed.

Erika gets up. Goes downstairs. Everyone else is asleep. She goes out to the backyard for a few minutes. Then comes inside and conks out on the sofa in the bathroom.

Whatta night!


Anonymous Anonymous said...



6:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The couch is on fire! How did that happen?
Throw water on it!
Opps, sorry Dani,didn't see you back there.

6:39 AM  

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