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Saturday, August 12, 2006


**Video Added to end of post**

12:05pm BBT
HoH ROOM - Marci & Janie
BIG confrontation...
Marcellas: You expect me to believe that you didn't throw me under the bus?!

Marcellas is yelling at her about Will and Boogie and how they want her to believe everything they say... Janie can't get a word in.

Marcellas: We have a relationship. I intend to continue that relationship.
Janie: I just feel like things are different from you, Marci.
Marcellas: Things are not different! Everyone kept telling me you were turning on me.
Janie: You don't have a deal with Erika?
Marcellas: Erika is not smart enough to ask me that! She only asks how are you gonna vote? What are you gonna do?
Janie mentions how he seems to have sided with Erika over the HoH situation.
Marcellas: I'm mad at the way it went down. I'm mad that that girl's HOH was taken away from her....

Janie: You knew Dani was going to put me on the block.
Marci: Back that. How did I know you were going to be put on the block? Dani thought that if I played for the veto, I would do it to take YOU off the block. Janie calls him out.
    ***Thank goodness.

Janie: You're in an alliance with Erika & Dani.
Marci: Yes. I had no choice... The four turned on me.
Janie: We did not. What about all the shit talking?
Marci: There has been no shit talking, and even if there was, everyone does that.

Marci: So you're with Chilltown... those 2 are working everyone. Last night Will was upstairs working you for 2 hours, and Mike Boogie was in the Bedroom working Erika.

Janie: I just feel like your attitude towards me has changed, ever since Danielle won HOH and Kaysar was evicted.

Marci reiterates the whole asterisk next to the name of the winner of allstarrs theory...

RED BEDROOM - Erika and Dani
Erika: I hate this. I miss having Kaysar in the house.
Dani: I do too.
Erika: He had the most calming influence on me. I miss having conversations with him. He's so intense.
Dani Agrees.
    ***Carolyn stifles urge to cyber-bitch-slap the both of them, but remains disgusted...

HoH ROOM - Marci and Janie Cont'd.
Marci: I can't have people in the house believing that you and I are in an alliance. Your boy (James) thought so, and that's why he is now in an alliance with Will & Mike Boogie.
    ***Janie!! Listen to him!!! At least on that point.

Janie: But were you coming after me.
Marci: I would have played in the veto to save her. But I have to call you out about going after Erika, Danielle, and Chicken George, but never going after Will & Mike Boogie.
Marci: You lied to me Janelle. You said you were going after Mike Boogie when you last won HOH.
Janie: (lying) I was going after him. He was supposed to go, then Danielle.
Marcellas: You never told me anyone else was on the horizon.
Janie: I don't understand why you guys are so pissed off that I got rid of Diane. Janie: You guys are always talking about numbers and that's why you're pissed
Marci: Because that took away from our numbers? Do you think I was in an alliance with Diane?
Janelle: I think Danielle was trying to work something out with her.

Marci brings up Janie going after floaters instead of CT... It's not that they're floaters...
Janie: Yes, I am going after the girls, because I feel they are all going after me. Danielle has to go.
Marci: You said you were going after Erika.
Janelle: Danielle has to go, but if she comes off the block it may be Erika, but she is supposed to be the pawn. If Danielle comes off the block, George has to go.
Marci: That makes me feel so much better.
Janie: I'm glad.
They hug.
They say they still love eachother
Marci: We need to not let others come between their friendship.
Janie: You keep acting like you hate me.
Marci: I don't hate you...but I can't keep running up to the HOH each week... looking like I'm cutting deals.
Marci: I want to be like Kaysar, no deals. That's what was so great about the deal with Erika & Dani, we had no deals and there were no attacks.
Janie: You are not under attack.

Marci: Bye
Marci leaves the HOH room. Janie calls out after him
Janie: Bye, Marcellas.

ok... Marcellas then ran straight to Dani and Erika with every little bit of info he just picked up from Janelle. Whether he did this to cover himself, since she alerted everyone to the fact he'd been in hoh bye calling out a loud goodbye, or because he's playing Janie..
    Strike up the band, already...

remains to be seen. Since she was lying to him, and he was lying to her.. I'm guessing we still have a status quo on their in-house relationship, ie., done.


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