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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Afternoon Update

2:20pm BBT
No More Flames!
Chicken George is on the couch watching the TV screen. The words Love, Hate, Deceit, Honesty, and Loyalty are flashing on the screen.
The HGs are primping/getting ready for the live show.
Howie is whispering to Janey about the HoH comp. Then he goes over to Kaysar and speaks very quietly to him about it.
Wil's being obnoxious - very loudly and repeatedly asking for his shaving mirror.

George hasn't moved from the couch.
Will breaks in to song, because he feels we haven't had enough
FLAMES today.

Feeds come back quickly this time...
James joins George in the Living Room.
James: Think about how much your 'friends' liked you after you saved yourself, George.
George: You're right, James. You surprised me.

Love, Hate, Deceit, Honesty, and Loyalty - the words from the walls - are still flashing on the plasma tv, and Howie comes in to watch with James and George.

Will's in the shower, Danielle's doing her hair. Jase and Marcellas are eating.

George leaves the Living Room, and Diane takes his place watching the screen.
Diane wanders off.
Kaysar, Boogie and Jase join the plasma watchers.
BB is playing a very loud version of bridal march to cover BY noises. Then...

LIVING ROOM - Boogie, Kaysar,
Boogie: When I proposed to Irista, I did it for the attention. I didn't ever really love her. I just wanted to take the attention away from the winner.
Boogie: I knew all along it was a showmance.

BATHROOM: Will, Boogie and Diane
Getting ready for the live show.

BACKYARD: BB staffers?
Feed 2 just quickly flipped to what looked like the BB Art Department and Staffers trying out the HOH comp. It appears to be another multiple guess/true/false game, complete with the familiar stalls.

BATHROOM - Metrosexual Men Abound - Boogie, Will, Danielle, Erika, Janey
Will: (to Janey) Will you put hi-lights in my hair?

BEDROOM - James, Jase, Howie, Diane
James showing off some N'sync stuff, and a jacket Jase really likes that he got from Lance Bass at the VH1 awards last year.
Diane's helping James pick out an outfit for the live-show.
James irons his pants.
They're kidding George, hoping he calls out Julie for getting him nominated by calling out his Jedi alliance in front of everyone on the show.


3:35pm BBT
Everyone's still getting dressed.
Chicken George is wearing Marci's wig. Janey is very concerned with her outfit... She's asking Marcellas for all kinds of advice.
Boogie: (to Jase) You should hold off on the boots until we go out there.
James: Oh is this Boogie week three?
Boogie: I'm getting really attached to all you guys.
Danielle: (to Howie) What time is it?
Chicken George is still wearing the wig.
Janey's having boobie issues with her dress.
Janey: (to Marcellas) Do you think it would be offensive?
Marcellas: I don't think anyone would be offended by your nipples.
Janey: Do you think Arnold would be offended?
Marcellas: Arnie would love the ratings.


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