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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Double Eviction

As many of us are hoping for a double eviction this week, I went looking for anything to support the notion. Here's an article I found on the subject... According to spamgirl, there will have to be a double eviction week. The only question is when?! Fingers crossed for tonight!! It couldn't happen at a better time.

"BB7 apparently ends on Tuesday, September 19th - the rules fo the America Wins game on CBS say that you have to get your answers in by then. Unless you pick the winner out of the final three, then Sept. 19th is the finale - if you DO pick the winner out of the final three, then the finale would be Sept. 21st, a Thursday.

That being said, we should have evictions on these dates:

July 13th (Alison)
July 20th (Nakomis)
July 27th (Will or Jase)
August 3rd
August 10th
August 17th
August 24th
August 31st
September 7th
September 14th
September 19th
Final 2 - September 21st

14 HG went into the house. July 13th left us with 13, 20th with 12, 27th with 11, onward as such:

July 13th (Alison) - 13 HG left
July 20th (Nakomis) - 12 HG left
July 27th (Will or Jase) - 11 HG left
August 3rd - 10 HG left
August 10th - 9 HG left
August 17th - 8 HG left
August 24th - 7 HG left
August 31st - 6 HG left
September 7th - 5 HG left
September 14th - 4 HG left
September 19th - 3 HG left
Final 2 - September 21st

As you can see, we have one extra person. So if Sept. 21st IS the finale, then we will have to have a week with 2 evictions."

Written by spamgirl
Big Brother 7 All-Stars Staff Writer


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