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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Alliance Anyone?

OK.. just incase anyone's trying to keep track while your head's spinning... here's the big brother allstars alliance breakdown... hopefully complete.. Please let me know if you think of one I've missed.

Known Alliances -

  1. Sovereign 4 aka BB6 aka Season 6, etc... - Janey, Kaysar, James, Howie
  2. Chilltown - Boogie & Will
  3. Mr & Mrs Smith - Diane and Jase (and Alison?)

Suspected Alliances

  1. Chilltown plus - Danielle, Will and Boogie.. and quite possibly James
  2. Danielle and Marcellas - often seen speaking together briefly and quietly

Rumored Alliances

  1. Mr & Mrs Smith - James & Erika - Toni Ferarri has said that this is the real Mr & Mrs Smith alliance that she created after she and Diane had their falling out.


  1. Janey, Kaysar and Howie
  2. Janey and Kaysar

Joke Alliance

  1. The Jedi Alliance - Howie and Chicken George


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Mr. and Mrs. Smith alliance has been confirmed. Diane and Jase have talked about it when they were alone.

9:20 PM  

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