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Monday, July 03, 2006

CBS: BB7 Free Re-Broadcasts

Watch Big Brother All Stars 24/7 on SuperPass

CBS has announced that for the first time in Big Brother's seven seasons, all of
this summer's Big Brother 7: All-Stars episodes will be available for free
viewing via

Beginning the morning after it airs on CBS, each Big Brother 7: All-Stars
episode will be available for free online viewing via "innertube,"'s new
recently launched broadband channel. Each Big Brother 7: All-Stars episode will
remain archived on innertube and available for free viewing throughout the
show's entire summer broadcast run.

The decision to release Big Brother 7: All-Stars' episodes for free Internet
streaming represents a new milestone in CBS's online strategy. After initially
partnering with Google Video to make individual episodes of CSI, NCIS, and
Survivor and some older programming available for online purchase and download
late last year and then, earlier this year, beginning to make paid Survivor
downloads available via, the network announced in early June that it
would begin making episodes of CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, NCIS, NUMB3RS, and
Survivor available for download and purchase via Apple's iTunes Music Store.
innertube, launched earlier this spring after the network already partnered
with Google's video service and begun offering Survivor episodes of purchase via, had thus far focused on focused offering free streams of new original
Internet programs and supplemental programming like behind-the-scenes features
and interviews. Big Brother 7: All-Stars will be the first CBS primetime
television program to be available in its entirety on innertube. According to
CBS's initial innertube announcement, streaming encores of other CBS primetime
programming is expected to be made available via the online broadband channel in
the coming months.

While Big Brother 7: All-Stars' broadcast episodes will be available for free
online streaming, the network won't be extending that policy to the show's
non-broadcast video content -- as they have in previous seasons, the show's live
Internet feeds will remain available by paid subscription only. Just like in
previous years, CBS -- in a rather futile attempt to prevent live feed viewers
from discovering Big Brother happenings before they are broadcast in primetime
-- will continue to "block or delay... a limited number of real-time events that
transpire in the house."

Also new to this year's interactive offerings is the "Big Brother Mobile Pack,"
a mobile subscription package that will allow Big Brother viewers to receive
video clips, photos, live breaking house alerts and daily insider summaries on
their cell phones.


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