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Monday, July 10, 2006

The Early Afternoon Report

or, Everything you ever wanted to know about James and Kaysar...

Kaysar:"we're good for now, but its only week one." Kaysar says, "We gotta take it one week at a time."
James : "The other HGs are coming after season 6."
Kaysar: "Clearly. " It is very obvious.

James refers to the internet folks (us) "wanted to see the three of the SOVS (Jan, How, Kay) back in the house togther but noted that made them an immediate target."
Kaysar: " I like the challenge of being an underdog by being noted as a target." "We're dead if we are the slightest bit careless,"
James: "If you relax, you go home."

James and Kaysar are pleased that their plan to make it look like there is tension between them is working.

James: who do you miss from home Kaysar?

Kaysar: some close friends

James: I miss Sarah alot. I don't like to talk about it alot because of Howie fake-banging her every two seconds.

Kaysar: Its only been 7 days... if you count sequester days they count as well.

James wanted Sarah to take time off from work to spend time with him before entering the house. James said he packed the morning of the trip out to sequester. Kaysar notes he was on the phone with people up until the last min saying goodbye. James is talking about Swampy (AL) getting sick and thanking Kaysar for his well wishes.

Regarding the Internet: James compares the rival internet forums sites to rabid soccer sites. Kaysar says you shouldn't just start bashing people outside of the context of the game. James says in what other enviroment does the "stars" interact with the fans at this level, its unprecdented. Shaq doesn't have to deal with this. Kaysar notes that everyone wants to know you and thinks that people automatically know you so its ok to take pot shots at you. Exessive critiquing is ok.. fine I can deal with that but some people take it WAY TOO FAR... James talks about his Jokers chat being hacked.. why do that?

Kaysar is turning 26 one month from today.

Talking about injuries during the kickball game they invented "big brother style", using a beachball.

James asks when Michael is moving to Bahrain, Kaysar has no idea, hasn't talked to him in awhile, notes there are 1,500 units in his complex and he spends alot of time in LA. Not just Michael, he hasn't talked to hardly any of his friends, went to a couple of things, a funeral and a wedding in three months.

James went to a bunch of Sarah-outings just before he left. James wanted to go out with friends before he left but he just didn't have a whole lot of time, but went to a club and remarked about seeing his name on the side of a club, it is cool.

James felt doing the blood drive (on 6/28) was necessary because of all the nasty campaigning done by the HG's he wanted to do something that was worthwile. Kaysar asked James what kind of blood he has and James says, "red".

James asks Kaysar if he'll be in CA for the rest of his life. Kaysar isn't sure - he's been distancing himself from a lot of people and he's preparing to make big changes to his life.

Kaysar: "I could see myself moving to Florida ... to Miami" (I have an extra room ;-) )

James tells Kaysar that he has "no idea how hot Florida gets June - September, you have no clue what hot is unless you've been there around those months." (I'm here.. I know... it's brutal. No relief till November, really.)

James wants to return to Atlanta. (and he's complaining about the heat in Florida?? Mercy, james - HOTlanta??) Kaysar wants to travel more, says he might do that when he leaves the house.

The Kaysar/James tour: NY, Chicago, Miami, but they aren't telling anyone about it. (LMAO) Then, the feed leaves them.. awwww...


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