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Monday, July 10, 2006

Morning Report


It seems Boogie's the only one awake for the moment. He's sitting outside on the couch, eating something crunchy.

Danielle's in the shower, Nak's in the bathroom, and Boogie's outside having a hell of a conversation with himself:

boogie's talking with himself.. strategizing out loud...
Boogie:"vote with s6 and sneak attack em, vote with s6 and stay with em for a while... or grab all the stragglers and take em out completely."
he's in quite a dilemma... he's replaying conversations he's had with them and the others over the past couple days, and trying to figure out the best move for boogie...
Boogie:"if you get with the stragglers, there's more floaters out there. get with s6 and there's more target the others will go after...
you can always convince the stragglers to go after kay, jan, james and howie...
you can also vote one way and have will vote the other.. realllly gettem thinkin...
alison, who would you put up: 'janelle and someone from s6.'
janelle who would you put up - 'i don't know' "

he walks inside. end of boogie's audible dialogue with self.

10am BBTime
Alison, Danielle, Nak and James in the bathroom. The girls are ragging James for his snoring - he doesn't believe he does. Apparently it was pretty loud last night. (Sarah must be even sweeter than we thought - if he doesn't know he snores)

10:30am HGTime
James is telling people all about YouTube... and Nakomis is saying how great myspace is.. that she found a bunch of friends from highschool on there... and Flames... Danielle's talkin about a friend she's lost touch with, wondering if she might be able to find her thru myspace.. Boogie singing.. Flames...

James: "When I went into the house last year, I had 80 friends...just people from school, atlanta, around the country. When I got out of the house, I had like 6,000, and myspace deleted my account, so I had to start all over."

This morning report will be added to, as people wake up... Check back every once in a while to see what's going on...

Then again, you could click on one of the BB links on the left, and get your 2 weeks free. ;)


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