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Friday, July 07, 2006

Midnight Rundown

OK... here's the post veto comp rundown for the past few hours...

Sad Girls
Ali: "It's very uncomfortable to be here. I can't do that shit to strangers. I'm getting along with everyone.. but I'm annoyed with some people, as is everyone else. Janelle wanted me out day one before I shook her hand."
Dani: "You sure?"
Ali: "Jase was your pick, I was hers. Which means Kaysar and Howie and all them back that up.. which means dead man walking! So I wouldn't worry about you."
Dani: "I always worry."
Ali: "I'm not begging those assholes for a vote. I'm too proud of a person."
Dani: "I'm too proud too."
Ali: "I don't wanna stay here for another week. I couldn't handle sequester, not with all of these.. My personality doesn't click with some. There are some people that are nice, calm, and quiet.. some that are really kind."

Mean Girls
Diane can't stand Chicken George, but she felt bad for Cowboy during her season because she knows he's retarded, and he can't help it.
Allison: "Janelle only won cause she's at home in the garbage. She's only good because she's used to living in it."
Diane: "just like home."
James comes in, and they want to put makeup on him, he says no - and to ask Howie.

Fake Girl on the Block
Janelle's on couch icing her leg...she banged it in the veto comp.
Ali, sickly sweet: "Oh, your icing? You want some tylenol? You sure?"

Ali: "Ouch! That looks painful!" ==
Janey: "Battle wounds from a stupid comp"

Ali: "Well, at least we won't be having any more for a few days, they just gave us more food." (no food comp)
Ali: "You sure you don't want advil?" (sickly sweet)

Shouts from somewhere else. Apparently Boogie just got out of the shower buck naked and said, "Your going to see it sooner or later."


Blogger Chrystal said...

Ah, no screen caps? LOL

6:03 AM  

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