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Friday, July 28, 2006

Food Comp

The feeds went down from 9-10pm BBTime. When they came back, we learned they'd held the food comp, and all the HGs are complaining about it.

10:10 PM BBT.
Erika: The contest wasn't fair. The guys had more chances.
Dani agrees.
Boogie nods.

HOH ROOM - Jaysar, James, Howie
Kaysar: That was unfair, dude.
James: The only contact was Dani. When you went up, you had your arms exposed.
Kaysar: Was there anyone near me?
James: I thought someone was on you. When you pulled it down I tried to swipe it away.
Howie: The 1st ball came out one side, I just played the odds.
James: At first, I thought there was only 1 ball.

Kaysar: BB did this to cram more stuff in, and to turn people against each other.
James: What the f-ck are you scared of? You have some secret deal or something.
    ***Is it just me, or was this a rather abrupt subject change?

Kaysar: (pointing to his eyes) There is nothing.
James: It's bullshit. Chill Town has been a target for 3 weeks, and we keep f-cking ignoring them? It makes no sense!
Kaysar: It doesn't matter.
James: It does. If a houseguest is coming back, it's more than likely Jase or Nakmois.
James: They're talking it over upstairs.
    ***ex-squeeze me??

DINING ROOM - Marcellas, Diane, George, Janie
Sounds like they're on slop again... except Janie ;)

Marcellas: This.. womps.
Diane: (laughs)
Marcellas: I hope this isn't what it's gonna be like. Every week I'm on a f-cking fast. I'm not eating the slop.
Diane: If I wasn't so shy about using the bathroom, I would so go on the master cleanse this week.
Marcellas: They don't give everything you need. You need lemons and syrup and pepper.
Diane: We have syrup, and do you think the pepper will be approved?
Marcellas: Have you done it before? It's kinda hardcore.
Diane: That's a reason I wouldn't do it.. I'd be scared. But outside of the house I could do it. My girlfriend and boyfriend did it, and they looked amazing. They did it for a while- two weeks.
Chicken George:(in disbelief) You don't eat anything?
Marcellas: Salt water flush in the morning, lemonade and teas all day. It's about cleaning your colon.
Janie: That would suck.
Marcellas: You need to do it, honey.
Janie: I'm not doing any cleansing.
CG: They do it for two weeks?
Diane: My mom's done it.

Chicken George is amazed.


Anonymous Meemma said...

Well, will you look at James' two-faced ass trying to call Kaysar out on a secret alliance when he posted in his blog that he and Danielle have an "understanding". Whatever that means!

What a hypocrite! He is always trying to call people out on their actions as he is doing exactly what he accuses others of doing.
Pot, meet kettle.

8:07 AM  

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