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Thursday, July 27, 2006

James' HoH Blog



There are NO right answers when you try to take others biased opinions to help make a neutral decision. The group voted and Jase was nominated. This is the hardest thing for me, as a person Jase is an exceptional player. His downfall and my rationalization is that he told me he was gunning for Danielle and revealed to others his contempt for Janelle. I will do anything to keep them safe, even if it means going against my early agreement with him. By protecting him I could have been sealing their fate. I think Jase is playing like I played last year, too many alliances too early in the game.

As for "team" strategy it frustrates me. There can be only one winner and right now we are playing as 4, I am playing as 5 since Danielle and I are in an... "understanding." I would rather make decision's best for me, but I can't. The House is gunning for Season 6. This charge is led by Chill Town and we need to also make the lazy, worthless floaters feel coddled. This is the real nauseating part, watching furniture disguised as participants move into every HOH room to beg for help and mercy. When you ask the "furniture" what they think, they respond with glazed looks and downward stares. The "furniture" drops out of HOH Competitions cause they feel their scared little asses are covered, but leave ours out in the line of fire. It will be too soon when the sheep are nominated and forced to return to their former guise of players from BB past. My next HOH will call them out. I can only hope to be as pleasantly surprised as I was by George's heart and willingness to play and sacrifice when it hit the fan for him. This season has been crazy, every week it flips back and forth.

Now to the good stuff, THANK YOU AMERICA!!!!! Being voted in by America is a feeling that no one can understand, it also puts more pressure on you as a player since you realize people are actually watching this time around. I really thank everyone that voted for me and the others from BB6, we appreciate the distinction from the bottom of our hearts and we hope that we can provide some entertainment and not screw up this time. A special thank you to all the members of for their relentless dedication to voting us back in. I miss you guys and can't wait to talk to you again in 2 more months. Al, I hope you're feeling better and that everything is OK. Lynn, take care of him and get some rest yourself.......

That's about all I have right now the last paragraph will be stuff for Sarah so if you are actually still reading this, nothing will pertain to you...

Sarah, I miss you so much. I have several pictures of you all over my HOH room that remind me of us every second of the day. It's really hard being away from you and I hope all is going well in Chicago. I wasn't around for your Birthday on Monday, but we wished you Happy Birthday every time we thought about it. Happy belated 24th! Tell your parents I said "hi" along with your sisters. ...I love you so much and can't wait to get out of here and really get our life together back on track. These summers away from you are painful and I want so much to be with you right now. I love you with everything I have and you keep me strong and give me reason for round 2 of this sadistic game. I miss you and will be thinking about you constantly. I love you.


Blogger Lo said...

Now THAT's an HOH blog... best one so far!

11:49 PM  

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