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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Late Report, Part One

Midnight - 1am-HGTime

Janelle, Kaysar, and Erika in HOH

All are in agreement that when the eviction happens, the line will be clearly drawn in the sand, dividing the household.
Kaysar: Why it would be, though? Danielle and Allison are not like major forces in the house.
Erika: Yes, but for the 5 that wanted Allison to stay in the house though....
Janelle: It will create a rift.
Kaysar I think that at this point though, if Danielle stays, she wont have any place to go, but Alison would. Thats why Alison has to go.
Janelle: I'm nervous.
Erika: You shouldnt be. You have me... and Marcellas.
Janelle: I trust Marcellas.
Erika: I do too.

Erika: Marcellas told me that Allison told Diane, Nakomis, and all of them that Janelle, Kaysar, etc. were threatening me...saying 'if she doesnt vote with them to get Allison out of the house, they will go after her.' Liar.

Janelle: I feel like everyone in our group is going to have someone different that is a threat to them personally that they will want to go after.
Kaysar: Are you at all concerned that Danielle is working with James?
Janelle: Yes, somewhat.

They all agree that next to go has to be Chicken George. Janelle relates what happened earlier about CG saying that he was going to vote to keep Danielle and then going back on his word. Janelle says that he said that last time, he didnt win the game, so this time he has to play the game differently. She says that she told him "so what, you are just going to float every week? whatever."

BB: "Erika: Move your necklace away from your microphone. "
Kaysar: "Thanks BB for giving it away that we're talking."

Conversation shifts to talk of the next HOH comp and what they think it is going to be. They think it will be questions about houseguests...they are discussing how many hg's have kids, average age of hg's, etc.

Diane and James are talking.

Diane: I can't handle Allison flipping out, having to take zanax...its like, no offense, but like what, am I your babysitter? you know?
James: (agrees with her) I think its kind of weird that so many people in the house are medicated.
They go outside to talk.
Diane: "fuck it, everyone else talks, why cant we?"

They are outside on the red couches.

Diane: I just cant stand the way Alison is spazzing out. I know it's hard being nominated, but still.
James: Alison tried to tell me that I would be safe if I voted to keep her. Then she went on to name the people that she is going after, and when she named Janelle, she was pretty much naming me as well.
Diane: I don't think Alison would be after you.
James: She (ali) was also going around telling everyone that Kaysar was threatening everyone to vote Alison out, and that was crazy because Kaysar is the biggest pacifist of anyone.

James: The thing with Alison is that she is desperate and will promise anyone anything to keep herself in the house, and anyone that will do that will do anything once they are safe.
Diane: I think Alison really just wants to get Janelle out of the house.
James: Where is all that anger for Janelle is coming from?
Diane: Alison hasn't told me this, but I think it's that Alison blames Janelle for being the one that wanted to put her up.
James: Alison lying to everyone just makes her dangerous.
Diane: Don't you think that just makes Alison a bigger target for next week?

James: If Diane and Alison were put up next week, Alison might be a big target, but what if Alison then wins veto? What do you think would happen? After throwing you name and Nakomis' names around all week, Alison would take herself off the block, Nakomis could get put up, then the 2 of you would regret keeping Alison in the house this week.

James: When Allison started naming all the BB6 people she is going to go after except me, how can I possibly believe that?
Diane: *ARE* you working with the rest of the BB6 people?
James: I'm not working with anyone, but of course i want to keep the people in the house that would put other people up before me... over people that would put me up right away.

James is very uncomfortable with Alison not talking to him today, about telling him that she doesn't want to talk to him about things anymore. He feels like she should have talked to him.

James: If someone essentially threatens me in a room, telling me that I'm on the "other team", am I supposed to vote to keep them?
Diane: No, I understand why you wouldn't vote that way.

Marcellas comes out- doing laundry.

Diane: Have you talked to Marcellas yet?
James: No, not about voting.
Diane: He's probably in the same boat as me regarding voting, and doesnt know what to do. I tried to talk to Howie earlier, just tried to feel him out, but he just blew smoke up my ass. It just made me think....

Diane: I'm glad I didn't get HOH this week.
James: I'm glad I wasn't nominated this week. (laughs)

Marcellas comes over.
Marcellas: My clothes smell like fish.
Diane: I think Alison threw one of her dirty shirts in there with your stuff.
Marcellas: (rolls his eyes) It smells like cod oil.


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I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.

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