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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Erika's Attempt

1:15pm BBT
BACKYARD - Dani & Erika
All four feeds on this convo.
Discussing who to evict.
Dani: I am really torn.
Erika: Me too.

They don't know who to vote out, and they don't know if they can trust Chilltown.

Erika: At least I know if I am up on the block with Cchiken George, I have a fighting chance, you know what I mean?
Dani: Ya

BB: Erika please do not abstruct you microphone.
Dani: Why do they call us out like that?
BB: Janelle please change your batteries.
Dani: If CG wins HOH who is he nominating???
Erika: I don't know.
Dani: Then you need to find out!!!!
Dani: Your gut is telling you one thing, and mine is telling me another. Wanna flip a coin???
(They laugh)
Erika: I know we are going to feel out-numbered when James leaves...
Dani: I'm so torn. I don't know what to do.
Erika: This is a good game. I am sure the viewers are enjoying it.

Dani: I had nobody. I was walking around with her arms out saying, "I need an alliance..."

Dani: I think the best thing is for us to make it a tie, and let boogie make the decision on the live show.
Erika: Are you sure you want to vote against Chicken George????
Dani: I don't care , he scares me.

Erika is trying really hard to change Dani's mind to keep George in the game and send James home.

BB: HG's this is a lockdown please go outside.

The HGs file out...

Dani: Something must be going down.
Dani: (re Boogie) Oh no, cuz they would have called you in to the DR.

Boogie: Is this gonna be a long lockdown?

He did not get an answer.


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