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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Howie Interview

The Slug's exit interview with Howie... very enlightening.

"Howie: " I wasn't gonna walk out the door looking at the ground."

Oh boy, Howie Gordon! You were the seventh player evicted from the "Big Brother 7" house in the most exciting dismissal yet! So what's he gonna do now? Well, in our patented post-eviction interview, he says he's going to the tropics for sequester and won't lose sleep if Chill Town crashes on the way there. Harsh! In honor of double-eviction week, The Slug presents Gordon's interview in subject format rather than Q&A after the jump. And because he asked nicely, here's a link to this Web site.

On sequester: "I've been better. I'm in the tropics. But I'd rather be in there kicking some 'Big Brother' ass. But you can't win them all."

On his hat throwing encounter with Mike "Boogie" Malin: "I was pissed off. This is reality television. I was very mad. I said my goodbyes to Janie and James. Georgie tried to hug me and give me some crap, whatever it was. Ultimately, I made my way to Mike 'Boogie' because this guy said he was my alliance member, had my back and then sold me out. I've never thrown a first punch a day in my life. I've never hit anybody out of anger. And I wasn't gonna do it this time. I think I got up in his face. I said Chill Town's word is mush. I wasn't gonna walk out the door looking at the ground."

On pre-game alliances: "I held to my contract. I didn't speak to anybody before the show. I didn't breach contract. It was 10 on four coming into the house. It was 10 people coming after four 'BB6'-ers. You had people out there with pre-game alliances, people dating. It was hard to acknowledge and accept who had people's backs."

On the Coup d'Etat: "I have an inclination on what it is. Either Boogie or Will possesses it. It's gonna be that if you put one of them up, they can take theirself off and then nominate whoever they want of their choice. If they put up a 'BB6'-er, they're not gonna have the votes to stay. So Janie or James are gonna be sent home quickly here."

On James Rhine: "I trusted James in the house. I don't think he was coming after me. At the same time, he wanted to go to his parachute, Dani. He wanted to go to the end with her, his friend. I don't think he would've put me up."

On "Chicken" George Boswell: "I really hate the guy. And I hate his family. And I hate his existence right now because he swore to me twice that he was gonna keep me safe. He promised me twice he was gonna keep me safe, and he went against his word and I take that personally."

On April "Busto" Lewis vs. Chill Town: "I hate Will and Boogie 10 times more than I hate Busto. Ten times more over. If Will and Boogie's plane goes down on the way out here, I won't lose a second of sleep over it." "


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