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Thursday, August 31, 2006

He's Probably Lying

Will owns the t-shirt: I'm probably lying. At this point, the question is, to whom? Here are the overnights from last night. Will did a good job of smoothing things with Boogie... but I still wonder if he's lying to him, even though he addressed the internet on the subject directly... he did it in front of Boogie, so...

10:35pm BT
HoH ROOM - Will and Boogie
Boogie: I'm concerned about your relationship with Janelle.
Will: I understand... but it's important that we be sweet to the girls. We've worked hard on operation double date. We can't stop now.
Will: I trust Janelle 100%, because Janelle thinks stuff is happening after the show.
Boogie asks what they whisper about.
Will: I say things about after the show, but when it goes too far, I say I can't talk about it.
Will: Sorry internet. I love Erin Brodie, I'm sorry, it's just a strategy, baby. Will: Erika says she might need to go after me later on, whereas Janelle says she wants Erika out and then Chicken George.

10:44pm BBT
Will is still trying to convince Boogie that Janelle is the best one to keep.
Will: Janie is 100% with us. She will take us to the final 3.
Boogie is worried about it.
Boogie: I think she'll flip.
Boogie: I want to work with Chicken George.
Will: I don't think Janelle will flip for any reason.


Boogie: I asked Erika if she wanted me to be with her like you are with Janelle... She said "no, because what we have is real."

Boogie laughs at the idea of that.

Will continues pushing that they need to continue to work the girls, but that Janie is the keeper.

    *** As much as I'm hoping Will is working Boogie at this point, I feel deep down that is not the case. Uch.

Everyone's together for a few hours, so no more strategy till...

1:43am BBT
BACKYARD - Janie, Will, Boogie

Will: If James was your friend, why would he throw the veto comp?

Will and Boogie are very critical of James & Kaysar's game. Janie is

Will: When we said we were voting out Howie, James said, "Cool, I want to throw him a vote." I said, "whatever dude".
Janie: Wait, why would he do that?

    ***Remember this moment, Janie. It's the first time they've let on about the legion of doom, and likely the last... Remember it, and use it.

Will recovers, glosses over his gaffe, and continues rehashing other evictions.

1:50am BBT
Will tells Janelle, foreshadowing...
Will: remember, I was voted the heartbreaker.

They do a bit of Jedi training, drilling eachother about the pre-show questionnaires:
favorite movies, colors, authors, etc.

They begin discussing how the other HGs will be so surprised that Janie is working with Chilltown.
Will: Marci, Howie, and James will be shocked when Dani walks in the door of sequester.
Will: It will slowly dawn on people... just a little too late. Marci will begin to realize it, and be shocked.
Janie: I think we should make the announcement in the last DR before Final 3.

Will: Did you know Howie was dead weight?
Janie: I did, but I didn't care.

Will and Boogie explain why Kaysar got voted out instead of James.
Janie: Why did Chicken George tell Kaysar that he was going to vote for him?
Will: Probably because he'd never been approached for his vote before, and he just didn't want Kaysar to feel bad.
Will: Boogie and I would have voted for Kaysar to stay, but without one more vote, we didn't have the votes. Dani controlled all the votes against Kaysar, because she wanted James to stay.

2:06am BBT
Discussion has moved to the mances: homance, showmance, etc.
Boogie: Did you say in the DR that Erika and I were a Ho-mance?
Will: I don't use that term, because it's mean. I used fauxmance instead.
Janie: Do you call our relationship a fauxmance too?
Will: Ours I call a flirt-mance.
Someone asks what a homance is anyhow.
Janie: Amanda.
Will: It's girl who hooks up with a guy, and the guy doesn't even vote for her.
Janie: Why are you smiling, Boogie? Have you had sex with Erika?!
Boogie: To me, sex and fondling of genitals is the same thing.

    ***no need to go any further with this conversation. You get the picture. With his willingness to use and trash Erika, Boogie is the human embodiment of what people hate most about l.a.

2:18am BBT
BACKYARD - Will, Janie, Boogie
They're rehashing old Howie and James stories. The rest of the house is asleep or falling asleep.

Dani walks out, gets a glass of gatorade and goes back inside.

Will: Dead man walking.

They go back to making fun of James, especially his tapered pajamas.

Will: I just wish that he had been as cool as he was the last night he was here.

2:30am BBT
They're talking about how much Dani and Erika are smoking, and how badly Dani's going to be edited, since she's hiding behind the couch.

Will: I wonder if Janie's no longer America's Choice, now that she's friends with Chilltown.
Boogie: Maybe it's the other way around... that people like Chilltown more now that Janie is working with us.

    ***Bingo, Boogie. Just don't hurt our girl,
    and everything will be fine.

Will: (to Janie and Boogie) I am ruthless inside the house. I am very loyal to my alliance. This alliance is tight.
Will: (to Janie) Outside the house, if you need a favor or anything, I am always willing to help.
Will: Inside the game, however, I am ruthless.

The discussion moves on to how people behaved as they were leaving the house.

Will: I totally respect James saying good-bye by shaking everyone's hand and telling them that they got him.

Will: I was wearing my "I'm probably lying" t-shirt when Kaysar asked me if I was voting to keep him. I told him I was, and when he walked away, I turned to the camera and pointed to my shirt.
Janelle: Stop making fun of my friends.
Will: It's just to make a good show.

Will, Janie and Boogie head inside to go to bed...

After about 20 minutes, they're all sleeping. Then Erika wakes up.

She's the only one up in the house and she's awake for hours. Erika's gonna have a rough time with the POV coming tonight...


Anonymous cindy said...

Will and Boogie are disgusting pigs. I hope one of them leaves tonight.

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes I read the same thing you did and came to the same conclusions......Will is playing a phenominal game and as much as we Janey lovers want to think otherwise he will toss her aside if need be. Tonight is going to be amazing. Let's hope our girl gets HOH. (and is picking up on Will's sublte "slip ups"!!!)

9:11 AM  

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