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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mid Afternoon Report

1:10pm BBT
BACKYARD - Will, Janie, Boogie
They're talking about Dani going home. Boogie and Will tell Janie not to listen to anything Danielle says tonight. They're certain she is going to be running around causing havoc. No doubt she'll make Erika cry again.
Boogie: Just ignore anything she says.
Will: Just tell her you're coming after Chilltown next week.
Will: As long as Chicken George doesn't win HoH, we'll all be fine.

Erika comes out to take some pictures. She sets up the shot with Will, Janie and Boogie, but it isnt' to be...
Boogie: i don't want to be in it... Not even in the background.
Erika: I'm just setting up the shot, Mike. Geez. Calm down.

Dani, behind the couch.
    I didn't see her come out, so i don't know if she was there all along, but she's far enough away from Janie and the boys, that she wouldn't have heard them anyhow...

George is on the couch. He gets startled by her.

George: You should hide there and wait for people to come out and talk strategy...
The next all stars wont be until 2025...
Danielle: I would never do this game again. You couldn't pay me enough. My stress level is through the roof. I can't take it anymore. I just can't.


2pm BBT
Upstairs outside
Cards, Flirting, and whispering...

HoH Bed

Guess who. ;)


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