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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Secrets VIDEOS

Janie and Will in the HoH bed... for quite a long time... during which there were flames. My only question is this: before flames, Janie was in her Silky Grey PJs. After flames, she's in red. What happened in between?

Boogie wont go away, and he's become VERY jealous and insecure... hopefully, with good reason.

Boogie's still annoyed, but better.. He fills them in on Erika's telling Dani about Janie's supposed alliance with Erika... Janie and Will are impossibly cute together.

HoH Cuteness continued. Janelle reveals what she said to the producers about Will pre-show. It dawns on Will they've been there 60 days... Both Boogie and Will told work they wouldn't be away more than a couple weeks. Boogie bursts Will's NPH bubble, or tries to.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what r the whispering! its driving me crazy! any guesses?

11:42 AM  

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