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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Legion of Doom

11:45am BBT
Backyard - Legion of Doom Meeting

The LoD wants to vote out Marci. They are trying to decide whether or not to break the news to Janie... or just let it happen.

It is decided that Dani will plant the seed with Marci, to try to start a problem between him and Chilltown. They want Jani and Howie to think something went down today by calling Marci out.

Everyone in Legion of Doom has their job to see this accomplished.
    Will is to go to Jani and tell her that Marci threatened CT, but not before...
    Dani puts the notion in Marci's head that he shouldn't think he is safe.
    They are going to wait for an outside lockdown.
    Dani is going to send a signal that the seed has been planted.

Boogie: Why don't we put it on Howie? We can tell Marci that Howie wants you out.

They are talking themselves out of that idea.

Will: OK, so we get Jani out next week, and then Erika and then Howie.
Boogie: This is going to be like Pearl Harbor when this goes down.
Boogie: I'm ready to just go off on Marci. We need to make sure that there are witnesses, so that it isn't just us.

James goes inside to the Bathroom

LoD is talking about how annoying Janie and Howie are.

Dani: I'm sorry for going off on you the other night.
Will: No problem. Howie bugs us more than anything, cause he does nothing and wins nothing. They redo HOH and he still can't win.
Will: And the Diary Room people wont let me use the word "rigged" when referring to competions. I have to use the word, "throw."

Dani, Boogie and Will agree that Erka can win next week, but after that Chilltown has to win the rest.

Erika comes out.
All "game talk" stops.


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