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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wake up Will!

2pm BBT
Janie has just woken up.
Haven't seen Will at all yet.
George is cleaning the kitchen.
Dani & Boogie are out in the backyard playing the movie game...
Erika was with them until a few moments ago.

    ***Wake up, Will!!! I'm dyin' here. Give a tropical storm shut-in something to write about. Sheesh. Come on, Janie. Go snuggle up in bed with him, or something. That'll get him to jump out of his skin - and bed. Idiot. Faithful, but idiot. No... I don't really think he's anything short of brilliant. I'm just bored of Dani and Boogie and the movie game. Wake up, Will!!!

On the bright side, tonight's the 5 star dinner. Everyone's going to get all gussied up, and go as eachother's dates. Should be very fun.
    By the way, I'm using the blog as storm distraction today, so if the posts stop, it's because I've lost power. Fingers crossed.

To be fair, they're all on slop for the day, so the plan was always to sleep it away. I suppose I should be grateful for the folks that are awake.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know...very least I'm getting some work done today. Can't wait for the dinner tonite!

2:41 PM  

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