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Friday, August 04, 2006

Players Picked for Veto Comp

At 10:15pm - Danielle was called in the DR. She said that there will be an annoucement in a few minutes. As soon as our attention is peaked.....


Feeds returned about 15 minutes later.

Kaysar and Erika are in the backyard discussing the HoH competition. Erika says she wanted to be sure she was safe before she dropped out. She explains Dani wanted it and after being on the block, she wasn't sure if she could trust Howie. And...


Ten minutes later, feeds return again. The houseguests are sitting in the living room. It appears they have had an official meeting and drawn Veto players. I am not clear who all was picked. I did hear Janelle say she got a HG choice, but I do not think she has picked yet. From what I can hear it sounds like (other than Dani, Janelle, and James) Boogie and Will are playing.

Cut to HoH - Danielle and Marcellas

They were discussing how well Janelle was liked last year. Danielle says she loves this show because you can't fake it on live feeds and the internet people see them raw. Then, the talk turns to veto.

Dani: I will put Will up if Boogie uses veto. It doesn't bother me if I go up next week.

Cut to Bug Room - James and Boogie

They are discussing POV and whether or not Will or Boogie will use it.

James: I want you to use it because that is the only way I will feel the block.
Boogie: Lets see who wins veto and then decide.

No mention as to when the Veto Comp will be played. At first, it seemed like it could be tonight. Stay tuned and I will post as soon as I know.


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