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Friday, August 04, 2006

Here's a Twist

2:00am BBT
RED ROOM - Boogie & Erika
Boogie and Erika are whispering...
Erika: I talked to Will in the bathroom and asked him when he is going to bring it, and he said "when I have to". It pisses me off that he is relying on you and me to do all the work.
Erika: Will isn't winning the game, right?
Boogie: No, not a chance. The only thing that concerns me is that once it gets closer to the end, someone might try to take Will thinking that noone will give him the money.
Boogie: As the weeks progress, people are seeing us as a threat, and Will... That's what you're here for, to keep me safe.
Erika: You're really good at competitions.

Howie enters the Red Room.

Howie: We gotta showmance...
Erika: more what you'd call a sleepmance.

Will enters the Red Room.

Boogie: We have a little problem we need to talk about.
Will: Everyone has talked to me already about taking money to put the house on slop, and I've already said I wouldn't do it unless I was offered 50 grand.
Will: What's your price, Boogie?
Boogie: 5k.
Erika: Boogie!
Boogie: (laughing)I'm kidding.

Howie gets into bed, and Will leaves.
Howie, Erika and Boogie discuss the HOH comp.


Anonymous Meemma said...

OMG!!!!! Welcome Back!

Ok, so my post has nothing to do with this particular blog entry, and has everything to do with telling you, Carol how lost I was while the blog was down. :)

Since I found your blog, I became an addict and felt that reading it was akin to having the live feed(which I didn't have).

Notice, I said "didn't have", but I do now. I became desperate Carol, and searched and read other BB blogs(gasp! Blasphemy!) but not one of them was as good as yours. So, out of cravings and withdrawls, I signed up for the feeds. I still feel, who needs the live feed when there's your blog? You even tell us when the flames come up.

You write the entries so well that the imagery puts me in the time, place and space. You interject your own personal sense of humor which provides a unique flair to the blog entries.

I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY you are back. And yeah, I'm one of those who told one of the forums in which I participate(not a BB forum) about your site and provided them with the link...TWICE! :)

I'm sorry this is so long and maybe even a bit mushy but you were gone too long. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what and how you do what you do.



P.S. I'm not a stalker nor drunk. LOL

12:19 PM  
Blogger Lo said...

yea i'll 2nd that. u guys are great. i like the organization of your posts and i don't have the feeds. i'm not being cheap or anything, i just can't bring myself to get them because although i love the show, i'm not THAT interested in watching the non-show/game stuff.I like to read your blogs because you do post a lot of strategizing that we don't see on the show... but other than that... i can watch Howie being a pervert on You Tube if i need a laugh... lol.... keep up the good work!

4:35 PM  

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