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Friday, August 04, 2006

A Real Alliance

2:45AM BBT
HoH ROOM - Dani, James and Will.
James: ...Now that we are in a real alliance...
Will: If anything goes wrong, I really dont mind taking the hit and going home.
Will talks about splitting the money.
James: We have to hurry up, I don't want to be up here too long with the two of you... for appearances sake.

Dani: So the plan is to put up Janelle and James, because Janelle is a badass when it comes to competitions, but James is the veto king.
Dani: Go ahead and take yourself off if you win it, I don't mind.
Dani: Boogie, Erika, Marci, George, and now Will have all said yes (to voting Janie out), so thats 5 votes.

Will: James, why don't you lead a discussion and say that you will volunteer to go up as part of their alliance, and then have them fighting with themselves.
Dani: They know I don't roll that way, so that wouldn't work.
James: I would be the first one that season 6 would cut loose.
Dani: Do you think it's too much of a risk?
James: Right now I do, but let me sleep on it.
Will: You have the votes... You did it for me, I will do it for you.
James: I'll do it.
James leaves.

Will: It's an easy sell... Janelle and James are the two best players from season 6, no offense to Kaysar or Howie.
Will: Who will you put up if Janelle wins veto? It has to be Kaysar, because I promised Howie during the HOH comp today.
Will: This is good... It makes James show that he is really in with this alliance.
Will: I make no secrets that Boogie is my top priority, then you, then James. Hopefully all of us can leave happy. I know we're going to be given a talk soon to tell us we can't split the money, but we can do whatever we want to with the money once we're out of the house.

Dani: I just need to know that I really have you.
Will promises.
Will: I'm really going to try to win HOH next week... If I dont, then the following week. It will be perfect, because then I can tell Howie and Kaysar that they haven't been nominated yet, and I can tell Marci that I was going to put him up, but Howie and Kaysar are closer.
Dani: I want Marci out before then.
Will: I would like to see him out too, because even though I know that Howie and Kaysar will come after me, I trust them...Marci could do anything, I have no idea what to expect from Marci.

Will: What's going to happen when Janelle asks me if I made a deal with Dani tonight?
Dani: Tell her there is no deal. You wont be lying, because there is no deal, there is an alliance.
Will: Okay.
Will: Where does Erika stand on everything?
Dani: Erika's cool.
Will: Erika will jump ship, and she takes credit for everything.
Dani: I don't care about that.
Dani: Tell Janie I'm pissed off that you let go early, and that you keeps saying you want to go home.

Will: I'm going to tell her right now that I know there is going to be the thing to put everyone on slop, and I'm not going to do it. I know everyone will blame me and I have my reputation, but I am NOT going to do it.


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