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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Votes Don't Matter

11:50pm BBT
HOH ROOM - Will, Boogie, Erika
A "Chilltown" meeting.
Will is lying down listening to Dani's Queen CD.

Will: How are you voting, Erika?
Erika: I'm voting Kaysar out.
Will: Our votes don't really matter...
Boogie agrees.
Boogie: All we do is dodge bullets.
Erika: Am I really in an alliance if we don't talk or do anything?
Boogie is messing around on the computer.
Erika turns on the spy screen.

Boogie and Will repeat that their votes don't matter.

    ***hmmm... is there hope for Kaysar?? At first it seemed as though Will was trying to get it across to Boogie that "their votes don't matter," but as he said it in front of Erika too.. and Since Will does NOTHING without a purpose...Hmmmm.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

mannnnnn I'm going to cryyyyy will is showing me why he really deserved to win in his season... but dangit... I want james gone..james deserves to be the first s6 player gone...not kaysar...will needs to flip the script damnit like he has had everyone else guessing who the flip voter was..they never assume him CG better stick to his word too..ahhh imma have a heart attack before 132 am
sincerely..kaysars lesbo ...meschel

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need to know why votes dont matter??

10:09 AM  

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