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Friday, August 25, 2006

Working Overtime

The HGs had a pretty nice night together outside, mostly re-hashing their seasons, funny or harsh exits (Howie's now ranks as the worst from them), odd twists, etc. Fear not, there was some strategizing, but not so much, since they were all together most of the time. Boogie's Chilltown assignment is to work Erika, and get Will off her radar. And at around 1:00am BBT, they went upstairs and got down to business... and strategy.

Will is in the shower B talking to him, whispering.
Boogie: I'm going up stairs to the HOH - gotta go to work, working some overtime in the BB house...

Boogie goes up.

1:00-1:30am BBT
HOH ROOM - Boogie & Erika

Erika and Boogie are curled up in her big, super comfy looking chair, smoochin'.
Boogie: I'm excited for you to win, long overdue.
Boogie: I was worried we'd have to go up against Dani.
Erika: I don't think you have to worry about Dani.
Boogie: Dani just runs to whoever has the (HOH) power. She's just so dangerous.
    ***make Points one and two. Check.

Erika: What are we doing with Will and Janie?
Erika: Let's be frank. What's going on?
Boogie: I think the idea was that Will was setting it up so that if Janie won HOH she wouldn't put him up. She and I have not had a convo since she didn't win HOH. I think Will is gonna keep it up until we see what happens in POV.
    ***Screeching brakes!!
    Whoa there, Boogie. That's a bit too honest.

Erika: I'm putting up Janie and Chicken George. If one of them gets POV, then Will is going up.
Boogie: Why?
Erika: So he goes to sequester and gets us the votes.
BoogieL What if Janie POV's?
Erika: If Janie wins POV, which she probably will...
Boogie: What is your relationship with Dani?
Erika: Well you have Will. I have noone.
Boogie: Of course. She's a great ally.
Boogie: So we're keeping Chicken George... You'd rather lose Will than Chicken George? Because Chicken George is beatable...

Erika: ...but Will is perfectly happy going to the jury.
Boogie: ...but the idea was when there were 4 of us. Is Dani really that far off your radar?
Erika: Well, it would really be scumbagging her.
Erika: Tell me what you think. Are you really sure Will shouldn't go to jury?
Erika: If Will wins POV, are you definitely taking him to final 2?
Boogie: Depends on the financials. If you agree to the big picture, then we'll decide.
Erika: We've already talked about that.

Erika: Why didn't you use your special power to put up Janelle?
Boogie: Instead of Howie? Because I was concerned about retaliation. I knew you were safe, and us three were in the final 6.
Boogie: I'm not afraid of Janelle like everyone else is.
Erika: I'm not either.
Boogie: They've built her up into this thing, so she intimidates everyone.

Erika: My allegiance is to you, and I feel like yours is to Will.
Boogie: I'm happy to send Will to the jury, but I think there are still too many people left.

Boogie: We don't really need to have this conversation now, the idea is to get Janie out, we can have this conversation Saturday night.
Erika: We're four right now, cause I have Chicken George.
Boogie: (laughs a little)You have Chicken George?
Erika: I think I do.
Boogie: How does he feel about being a pawn?
Erika: I told him earlier in the hot tub... he's fine.
Erika: If Chicken George wins POV, Will goes up, so you and Dani still vote out Janelle.
Boogie: I can't just treat Will like that. Since when does Dani take precedence over him?
Erika: Mike, talk openly with me.

Erika: If I put up Danielle with Janelle, you guys are still going ot vote out Janelle?

Boogie: Yeah.
Boogie: If Janie pov's herself, can I tell Will oh, by the way, blah blah blah, it's a tough situation...
Erika: Talk openly with me, MIke. Don't bullshit me.
Boogie: It's tough. I didn't think you would say that.
Erika: But he said he would go to the jury.
Boogie: Maybe he misrepresented.
Erika: I mean I want him to stay in the house.
Boogie: I think he meant that if it was me, you, Will and Chicken George then he'll go, as long as we have the agreement.
Boogie: I really think he came back this time for me, he doesn't need it, and he knows I want to win.
Erika: Lets just make out.
Boogie: Why don't we just hang out relax enjoy your HoH...

Smooching and Snuggling... but strategy is never far from Boogie's mind. He makes all his Dani points in pretty quick succession, now that he feels he's got Erika primed.

Boogie: ...thing is if Danielle goes up, it's still all cool, 'cause we won't vote her out.
Boogie: If Danielle had won, she would have put up Janelle and Will.

Boogie: If Danielle gets to the final two, it's over. She'll beat us. She's got Howie, Janie and Marcellas.
Erika: ...but she was alligned with me, so she's got an excuse, but no, she's got to go...
Erika: ...after Will.
Boogie: No, after Janelle.

Boogie: Can you imagine a final 4 of you, me, Will and Chicken George?
Erika: Let's not get a head of ourselves.
Boogie: Let's just relax and enjoy your room, your pictures.

They get in bed.. spooning.. peaceful for a moment, then Erika rolls over and says...
Erika: If I find out you're playing me. I'll kick your ass.
Boogie: Me?! playing you?! Come on, Erika. You're a bad ass player.
    ***leaving to give them some privacy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have Will, Boogie, Janie & Erika decided to split the money? Im confused with all the talk.

Isn't this against BB rules?

10:35 AM  

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