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Friday, September 01, 2006

And They're Up!

11:30am BBT
KITCHEN AREA - Erika, Boogie, Will, Janie
Erika and Boogie have been up for a while now.

BB just woke up Janie and Will.

Will: (to Janelle) Do you know who cleaned the kitchen counter?
Janie: (shakes head no)
Will: When are you going to where this, Boogie.

Will is referring to the leather Chilltown outfit that BB has left for Boogie...

Boogie: probably a few times over the next week. POV maybe.

Will wandering aimlessly from room to room, searching for something...

Janelle: did you find it?
Will: No... I blame it on you. Are you mad at me today?
Janelle: No...

Janelle brushes her teeth.
Erika just went downstairs (carying something pink??)

Will: Boogie, did they send you anything else from Hi Lo?
Boogie: There was some stuff in the room last night, and they brought some more stuff this morning.
Will: The producers can say whatever they want, but if you come into a show with your own alliance, and you bring a leather outfit, you are in the final four.
Will: Please tell me you have't worn that in the past 5 years.
Will: Erika, what do you think of the shirt?
Erika: I love it!
Will: It's hilarious, no?

Janelle just came outside with her cereal.

BACKYARD - Will, Janie, Erika, Boogie
They've been sitting silently on the couch together for quite a while now.
Boogie and Erika are by the hot tub.
Janie: Hi Will.
Will: You were mean to me yesterday. I'm still sad.
Janie: I wasn't mean to you. You were mean to me.

And silence... neither looks mad though... just a bit hung over and kinda mopey.

Boogie and Erika are rehashing last night.. still bowled over by the whole thing.
Boogie: That was a very impressive move by prod'n.
Boogie: I guess they figure the shock value impresses the audience.

12:14pm BBT
Will: How're you doin'?
    ***he sounds exhausted still...

Janie: I'm gonna smoke a cigarette.
    ***happy tone to her voice
    they're both tenderfooting around eachother this "morning."

Will: You Wanna play? (cards)
Janelle: yeah... But only if you want to...
Will: With you? Always. (pause)
Janelle: Thanks, Will
    ***aaahhhh... it may be bs, but i'll take bs flirting and niceness over war and agression any day.

Janelle: I hope there's America's Choice this week.
Will: Me too. I can't wait to go somewhere with you.
Janelle: You might get it. They like you, Will.
Will: If there's America's Choice, you've got it, hands down.


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