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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Audio of the Jury

It's now 10:05pm BBT, and the feeds are still on flames, which means the Jury Q&A is still going on. We'll let you know when anything happens... By the way, both Will and Dani's voices were definitely on that audio clip, so it doesn't look like they've been dismissed from the jury for sneaking out. Also, Howie, James, Marcellas and George could all be heard, so the rumor of someone being kicked out for fighting is just that, a rumor.

Original Post:
The lunatics are back to the asylum. ;) The Jury that is. We couldn't see them, but this is what was audible, before the flames came on... and the Jury Questions to the Final Two began. Worth noting, is Janelle was not with the group yet. Before they cut the feeds, it was unknown to the jury members who the final 2 were.

For those with youtube issues:
7:35pm BBT
Dani: I don't wanna go first.
Dani: Somebody else go first.
Will: Heads up.
Howie: I farted.

Crew: Stand by...Action

Will: ... not laughing.

From the sound of it, they are entering the jury area, and the crew is filming them.

Marcellas: Not gonna take that over.
Howie: Hey Georgie.
Chicken George: (laughing) James always has the same look on his face.
Dani: I can't help it.
Dani: I'm ready for these people.
Howie: I'm glad I'm not here in my underwear. It's freezing out here!
Unindentifiable HG Voice: Dude....I wish you would just strip down dog (sounded like Jase)
Crew Member: Does anyone have gum?
Dani: Do I have to spit it out?
Howie: Spit it over the fence?
James: Give it to me.
Howie: I have to take a pee.
Crew: Walk them back around, and check the lighting.
Crew: Do you want us to stop and spin around? Checking your faces...
Howie: Can I pee in the bushes real quick?
Will: Yeah, pee dude
Will and James are both encouraging Howie to pee in the bushes.

Crew Member: I'll take you to the bathroom after this shot.

Howie: I think I stepped in dog shit.
Dani: I need a tissue. My nose is running.
Will: Howie's gotta take a dump guys.
Howie: I do! Nerves...
Will: Ladies, remember to look mad.


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