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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Jack's Take

Jack - Revenge of the Houseguests (CBS)
9/7/06 10:33 pm
"Erika went into the finals with the player she had the most chance of beating. Still, I think that Boogie will have more votes in the jury after Will convinces the other jurors that his turkey friend is really an eagle.

Let me see,which has more appeal? Boogie winning BB7 or getting a root canal? Excuse me while I get a root canal.

The vote (I'm the only voter) is in for the Emmy awards for the BB7 All Stars.

For best performances in the Diary Room: Will and Boogie together, Will alone, and Will with Janelle. Honorable mention in the DR: Boogie for his lonely attempt to call Will after Will's eviction.

For best late night harangue while under the influence: Danielle.

For best performance without a strategy: George

For the couple most fun to watch having sex: No winner.

For best entry on the Revenge of the House Guests Blog: Jun, questioning Erika's judgement in exposing herself to the bacteria in Boogie's mouth. "


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