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Thursday, September 07, 2006

PreShow Chatter

3:50pm - 4:15pm BBT
All the HGs are in separate areas of the house. Janie's in the Workout room primping for the live show. Erika's lying down, blinking, fighting back tears, and looking very agitated and upset. Boogie's lying on the floor with a t-shirt over his eyes. The only sound on the feeds is the squeak of Janie's curling iron.

Suddenly, Erika's up like a shot, and moving around. Kinda manic. She fixes her hair in the mirror and leaves the room, making her way through the living room, the kitchen and into the workout room with Janie, where she settles to join Janie in the pre-show primp-a-thon.

Workout Room - Erika & Janie
Both are getting ready for the live show... putting makeup on.
Janelle: At least if I go to the sequester house, I get to be with Will.
They are talking about what Boogie has said to each of them.
Erika: He's just being really nice.
Jani: He asked me who I would vote for. I said, "the best player."
Erika: I wish you had won last night.
Janie: PLEASE win tonight.

Boogie up and walking around. He pops in to the workout room, and asks for some eye concealer stuff, then goes to take a shower.

4:05pm BBT
WORKOUT ROOM - Erika & Janie
Janelle: Do you think what Boogie said about Will was true? That he didn't do a shout-out to his girlfriend because he really cared? Or do you think he just said it to get my jury vote?
Erika: Do not believe anything.

Hope springs eternal: Janelle is still wondering what could be with Will.
The girls move on to discussing Danielle. Wondering if Dani knew about Chilltown, and how they were operating.

Janelle: I'm worried that Chicken George might feel I betrayed him.
Janelle: I had a deal with him.
Erika: (smiles) I had a deal with Chicken George too.


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