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Friday, July 28, 2006

Janie Holds Court

10:30pm - 11:15 pm BBT
HOH ROOM- James & Janie
Janelle: I always wanted a hot pink room
James: Now you have one... for a week
Janelle: This is like my pink dream oasis
James: I feel like I'm in your room at your parents house
Janelle: I couldn't have a room like this, if a guy came over he'd be freaked.

James: I'm going to win next week's HoH.
Janelle: If we win 5 in a row, can you believe it.
James: If we win then they will probably put one of us up. Next week it is essential that we win, because of sequester.
Janelle: I think someone is coming back, one of the first 4
James: Someone new or from before? give someone another chance at all-stars?


BATHROOM - Erika & Will
Erika: I should have taken Marcellas out of the competition.
Will: I'm cool about going home... and throwing a fit.
Will fixes his hair, then he goes whistling up to the HOH room.

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HOH ROOM - Sov 4
Janelle: I'm not scared of Chilltown. I'm afraid of the floaters waiting to make their move.
James: I want Boogie out this week.
Janelle: (to Kaysar) Explain it to James.
Kaysar: The floaters are gearing up for something, they're counting down the weeks for when Chilltown is gone.
Howie: The final 9 are in sequester or in the house.
James: If a floater gets HoH, one of us goes home. Do you think we're save with Marci?
Janelle: Yes.
James: I want Erika out.
    ***ok, So that's Boogie and Erika for James, so far...

Howie: Diane is coming after BB6
James: If any floater gets HoH, we are going up.
    ***James, m'dear, if ANYONE but the sov 6 gets HoH, y'all are going up.

James: Erika will put us up. They don't want all of us in sequester... we would control the votes. We have to get it next week. This week and last were the only safe weeks for us.
Janie: Dani, Diane and Marci are starting to develop something.
Kaysar: This is what I think... because we have to get it next week, they are planning on what we're doing, taking out big threats, we have to throw them off. They expect Boogie to go up.
Janie: Marci is not coming after us.
Kaysar: They expect us to take Bboogie out... Boogie then Will. But they won't go after Will. We need to make a pre-emptive strike.
Kaysar: Diane is trying to get along with us. She knows she can be a target. She backstapped her group in bb5. An enemy you have in front you can plan against. An enemy in the grass, you can't plan against.

Will enters HoH

Will: Can I take a bath?
Janie: Can I join you?
Kaysar: Can you give us a few minutes?

Will leaves the room... Lays on couch in front of HOH room, waiting, listening (?)

James: So your telling us Chilltown is for us?
Kaysar: No, but we have to weaken the floaters.
Janie: Who is the most dangerous floater? Diane.
Kaysar : Chilltown is a joke.
James: Erika will team up with anyone, she's a piece of furniture till the end.
Kaysar: Erika won't make a big move, Diane will.

Howie: I want Will out, he's after me. I put him on slop for the whole week
James: I told you to leave Jase in the game, all the floaters wanted him out. We did their work for them

They begin analyzing the floaters...

Janelle: Why do you think Marci and Erika were trying so hard? They felt threatened by Chilltown.
James: Marcellas is not a good player.
Janelle: He talks too much... but he knows if he puts anyone from sov 6 up, I will never talk to him again.
Howie: our main threats are Will, Boogie and Diane, in any order.
James: If Jase comes back, he is with chilltown, he will be fueled by revenge.
Kay: If anyone comes back, they will align with Diane.
Janelle: Let's not worry about who is coming back.
    Thank you, Janie!!!

BB: Diane, Please go to the Diary Room.


Then we return to the Sov 4 in the HoH Room

Janie: Marcellas wouldn't put us up.
Kaysar: Diane is saying one thing to you... and other things to someone else.
James: Y'all are looking to deep in all this.
James: Marci is actively undermining us.
Janelle: If Marcellas came up here, he would say he would not put us up.
Howie: Diane is evil.
James: The only person we've gotten ridden of that was coming after us is Alison.
Janelle: Erika has taken a stand against us.
James: So we are trusting Boogie now??
Howie: Jase deservedly went home.
James: I don't like how it was done.
James: The only three to go after are Will, Boogie and Diane.


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