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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Nakomis Interview

While I get the overnight reports together, please take a look at this interview with Nakomis, complete with goofy pic, written by Lisa Steinberg
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Q. What have you been up to since we last saw you on "Big Brother?"

A. Well, I've been living in San Antonio, I went back to work at my job as a hostess. I bought a house, I became an aunt. But, other than that I've just been hanging out with friends and family and making the best out of life.

Q. Do you get recognized often?

A. All the time. People recognize me all the time and I'm not one of those people that is like, "Ew, get away from me." Since I work in the touristy part of San Antonio I am noticed a lot. I am real cool with it, I have my days where I'm just like, "Oh my God." But, for the most part, I love it. I like talking with people and the only thing that I have is that if you're going to come up and ask me about me about me; you better be ready for me ask you about you right back. I prefer it to be like that, because if someone is gonna be like, "I met Nakomis," I want it to actually to be "I met Nakomis," not just I ran into this chick I saw and was like, "Hi, how are you doing? You freaky person that's asking me questions." I'm totally cool with talking to people, that's probably been my favorite part about the show. It's not necessarily the fame, it's just being able to learn so much about so many different people that watch the show. A lot of the people are really cool, a lot of the people that work around where I work at I found out are big fans. It's brought me close to a lot of people, it's really nifty.

Q. The fans voted you into the house for "Big Brother 7," did this surprise you?

A. I was surprised but I am really happy that America wanted me to get back in there. I think that's really cool and I had no clue of my popularity. But, I just wish that I could have stayed in there longer. I think that definitely the way that I played the game last time, which was good and very strategic, is why I'm out of the house now. People are going to kick out all of the good game players and keep all of the people who are sort of chill under wrap.

Q. If the houseguests wanted to get rid of the more strategic players, then why didn't they target Boogie and Will more?

A. That's kind of a funny question. Every time I get the same feeling that I got in the house right before I would leave. Usually those things tend to happen. Will is so blatantly obvious that him and Boogie are in an alliance, that people don't take him seriously. They take him seriously but they only see him as a threat that someone else will pick off. "Oh, I don't have to kick him off because someone else will kick him off. I don't have to do this because someone else will do it for me. That way I don't get Boogie pissed at me." It's the same thing with Chicken George. I seriously see him going to the end of this game, I hope that he doesn't, but just for the fact that he's like the Cowboy of my season. Just play nice, stay in the kitchen and let them do whatever they want. Make them laugh and you'll stay in the game and it worked for Cowboy and I really think that it will work for Chicken George.

Q. They haven't been doing any physical challenges yet, Will doesn't seem to care enough or try enough to be a part of those competitions since he's obviously a more physically fit guy.

A. About Will, the boy doesn't want to be there. The boy doesn't want Head of Household. The boy doesn't want to win vetoes. I only think that Will will get very serious with the game and very invested in the game; if he thinks he has a chance to win it. For instance, the memory wall today, he looked at it for maybe ten seconds just to see what pictures were on it and then he went and sat down. He's not invested in the game, he's just there for fun. That's what I think.

Q. Do you think he's there for more camera time or to play with the audience?

A. I think he's there just to get a little bit more camera time. He gives shout-outs constantly. You know, you want to be there, I want to be there. I know that if I were still in the house I pretty much had no chance of winning the game. But, I know that it would be fun to be there. So, of course he wants to be there, it's just Will seems to get bored really easily. Either it's a really good strategy, which has me convinced, or he's tired of being there already because there is so much downtime.

Q. It seems like it was so early in the game, it seems to be kind of a monotonous time for the houseguests.

A. It is, it really is. No one really has their legs about them. No one is willing to stand up for what they want. Everyone just kind of lets people do, what they want to do. It really sucks but the veto should have been used. Kaysar should have gone up against people that actually make a difference in the game. He went up against me and Diane for the sole fact that he kept on saying we were under the radar players. Straight up, I hadn't even had any chances to start any alliances. That's not under the radar, that's out on your luck. Whenever you come into a house and their is season six already in an alliance, there is Will and Boogie already in an alliance. Of course Marcellas gravitates to Janelle because she's the hot blonde. Then, the whole Mr. and Mrs. Smith thing that could be a possibility with Jase and Diane. Danielle not really talking to anybody and just sort of hiding out. Erika too afraid to say what she believes, that you're just stuck their, like damn. There is no where for me to go, there is no stronghold for me to fit into. That's a real bad place in the game. A lot of people came in and they live in L.A. A lot of the people came in as friends, they know each other outside, they hang out outside the house. It's really hard for an outsider to get a foothold at all.

Q. Did you think the vote for your eviction would be a lot closer?

A. I definitely thought it would be a lot closer. But then again, like I said, the people are too afraid to stand up for what they really want to do. The powers that be are way too strong and it scares the people whenever they start strong-arming them. It wouldn't surprise me if it was a landslide. It's just this house is very unpredictable because there are so many wild cards and so many people in alliances and so many people that drift around that it's impossible to be able to tell what everyone is going to do.

Q. Did you come in having a strategy for the house?

A. I knew the twenty contestants and I didn't know who was going to go in. My whole thing is that I couldn't make a strategy til I knew who was going to go in there. Because it would be foolish of me to do otherwise, I don't know, that might have been what bit me in the ass. I'm very happy with how I played the game, I never had any trouble sleeping. I know that I was myself every single day that I was in the house even though it was only for a couple of weeks. I was still myself every single day and that's what matters, I'm happy with myself.

Q. Is there someone you'd like to see win the competition?

A. I'd like to see Diane win, I'd like to see Janelle win. Just because as a person, not the type of person I'd hang out with, but as a Big Brother player; girl has it going on. She's a force in that house. Other than that, that's about it. All of the boys I think have their heads somewhere else than in the game and I don't think that they should win.

Q. Diane said she wasn't going to campaign against you but then she put out her personal details for the other houseguests. Do you think she was trying to get sympathy votes?

A. Yeah, the whole sympathy vote, I don't really know. I know we aren't friends outside of the house but I am pretty much sure she is on hard times. If that is the case, I would much rather her be in the house than me. I know there are a lot of people, they have hard spots in their life. Sometimes something like this helps them come out of it. I know sometimes people lie in the game. I just hope it's the latter of the two. I don't want her to be homeless but I don't want her to be on national television lying about being homeless. Me, personally, I would have loved to stay until sequester. If I would have stayed until sequester, I would have all the money I needed for college. I would be able to put a lot of money down on my house. I would be able to get all the stuff I wanted. If she really is homeless, than it's good that she can stay there and I hope that she makes it to sequester to get her life started over. I hope that she doesn't throw it all away like she did with all the money she made at all of her various jobs.

Q. What made you want to come back into the house?

A. Family, family was a huge motivation. I would love to have won the money and given my mom money, given my sister money. Started a really good college fund for my nephew Damien. Fixed up our house, gotten a new car, paid for college. There are so many things I could have done with it. But, it's not that I'm going to get overwhelmed or like, "Damn, I didn't win the money." The way that I see it, I went into the house with nothing, I went into the house with no winnings. So, I can't be upset leaving the house with no winnings. It would be very selfish of me to be upset for not winning the game. It's not like I came there with anything.

Q. Was there someone you were interested in seeing return to the house?

A. I was looking forward to getting to know Will. Just because he's a good game player, I didn't know he would be. I don't really want to say that he complained a lot, but he did. So, then Marcellas, get a better idea of what type of person he is. Pretty much all of the people that are there I was really looking forward to meeting.

Q. Is there someone that you were hoping didn't return?

A. Oh before the twenty that they weren't there? Oh, I definitely didn't want Jase in the house. That one is easy to answer. I feel that if Jase ever got Head of Household and I was still in the house I was a guaranteed target. Which is hilarious, because after I watched the show after I got out, he was like "I definitely think if she gets Head of Household she's coming after me." Jase has this horrible misconception that the entire game revolves around him. It doesn't. Quite frankly, I don't see Jase as a threat. Because, he's too big and bulky to win a lot of speed competitions. He doesn't have a good memory. He's not a big threat and I really wish that he'd stop playing the game like he is a big threat. He's not, I proved that he's relatively easy to get rid of and relatively easy to fool. So, he needs to get off of his high horse.

Q. With Jase being Dual Head of Household the first week. Did you feel he was gunning for you or you were lower on his Totem Pole?

A. Yeah, even though he got the Head of Household the first time around it was a dual Head of Household. I think it was a little bit early for him to start coming after me. But, I don't think the paranoia had set in about me being after him. Whenever you can tell that someone is afraid of you, you want to know why. If you can't figure out why, then it makes you not want them to be there. That would be the only reason why I'd want to get Jase out of the house. He would be a great ally, but the boy just can't forgive and forget.

Q. Do you feel he genuinely changed since you were together on your season?

A. No, Jase has definitely mellowed out. I think a lot of it has to do with the young lady that he's dating. He has finally found that niche that he can become a family man and that's mellowed him out a lot. I think that he just needed to find a spot in his life that he can just chill. I'm sure if Heidi was in the house, he'd be a lot different than he is now. He has calmed down a great deal since season five.

Q. If the Mr. and Mrs. Smith plan is real, do you feel that it is a really good strategic move on Jase and Diane's part?

A. I think it is, but I really think that it's a great strategic standpoint, but I really don't think it's real. In that point, having Jase in the house could hurt both me or Diane. Either way it could hurt either one of us. Since Diane is left, it could definitely hurt her. Because Jase wants to win it this time, I'm sure he'll throw Diane under the bus if he has to and that's not good.

Q. What would you like to say to your fans and supporters?

A. I would like to tell all of the people that voted for me and all of my fans the biggest thank you in the world for the great support. I wish I could have gone a little bit further. It's like they bet on a horse and their horse fell out early. It's not like I'm going to get upset about it because it's just a game. Still, whenever you're voted in by people, you want to make those people proud. Things didn't go that well on the show but I would like to tell them all thanks.


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