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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Overnight 3-4amBBTime

3:00am BBTime
POOL TABLE - Janey, Kaysar and Howie

Kaysar: My head is itching.
Janelle: Why don't you just shave it?
Kaysar: I would look weird. My hair will grow back in a few days.

Janelle: I'm worried about Jase winning HoH next week. DO you think James has a deal with him?
Kaysar: I don't think so.
Janelle: James got really mad when we mentioned the possibility.
Kaysar: He got mad because he was offended, not because he has anything to hide. Janelle: I really didn't want to go after Boogie this week though. I feel bad, because Boogie thinks he's safe.
Kaysar: James told all of CT that they were safe, and that was dumb.

Both Kaysar and Janey think Jase should go this week.

Kaysar: James is not going to nominate him.
Janelle: Then he'll probably win HOH next week, and I'll end up going home. I'm gonna be so pissed if that happens.
Kaysar: We just have to take our chances.

3:15am BBT
Still with - Janey, Howie and Kaysar
Moving away from the pool table and over to the couches as the conversation progresses

Kaysar: Think of it this way....if Boogie goes home this week, Jase might not even try for HOH next week, because he might feel safe.
Janelle: I don't think so.
They all agree that the producers/BB might be intentionally trying to make this harder for them.
Kaysar: I could have won today. They asked me in the DR, before the comp, what I was willing to do to win it, and I told them "anything."
Howie's shocked they talked to him before the comp.
Janelle: They always do.
Howie: It's been so long - I don't remember.
(a little time passes)
Kaysar: James is not going to go after Jase.
Janelle: Do you think James' reasons are valid?
Kaysar does.
Janelle: I still think we are going to look back next week and wish we had done something different.

Janelle scratches (sunk the cue ball), and says "okay thats it....I'm done". Kaysar and Howie are still playing. Janelle asks what the date is. Howie tells her its the 22nd. She asks how long they've been there? Howie says according to BB, they have been there for 20 days. Janelle says "See...I told you we were 1/3 done, and you guys didnt believe me!" Kaysar says they have 60 days left, so they are 1/4 done. He says to Janelle "And you didnt believe me".

Janelle is complaining about the competitions. She thinks for being All-Stars, you shouldnt just have to throw a ball and get it close to something. She thinks you should have to be smart. Howie says "Then I couldnt win anything". Howie says they do it this way to give the wild cards a chance.

Howie is asking Janelle house trivia on the challenges/competitions so far this year. He is going over todays veto comp. He says first was porridge, second was shower, 3rd was autographs, 4th was blueberry bath, 5th was veto, 6th was barber chair.

Janelle: (to Howie) What do you think Will is going to do when Boogie leaves?
Howie: Join us.
Janelle:Yeah, right.
Howie: Who knows what he's going to do...he's a loose cannon. He'll probably end up winning the whole thing again.

They chat a while longer, then Howie and Janie head to sleep.

4:00 am BBTime
Kaysar is tidying up dirty dishes/trash now from the backyard and taking care of it in the kitchen. He lays down on a couch in the living room.

Still deep in thought.


Blogger Lo said...

yea you're right Howie... probably will end up winning it again... and this is news that they will target Boogie... i think Will is gonna be pissed...

12:34 PM  

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