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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Big Day

The house is about to erupt. S6 hates just about everybody, with good reason, and since they're out of power for the week, they're up, and all the former kiss-asses are strutting around and kissing danielle's ass instead.

Janie and Howie were up till around 6am... Perhaps not the best idea for someone playing in a veto comp, but there it is. As long as James, Dani or Marcellas don't win the veto, I'm betting Janie comes off the block.

And then there's the whole Coup d'Etat to take into consideration... I just hope Kaysar or Janie wins it, and puts up Dani and Marcellas... both of whom have very short memories as to why they're even in the house now. I wonder if it'll be a completely separate comp, or if it will be somehow tied into the Veto Comp today...

Also, we can't forget James has that nullify a vote card...


Blogger Lo said...

i'm glad BB6 is hating everyone. now they know how Diane, Nakomis, Alison (eew!)and all the others have been feeling for the past few weeks!

5:04 PM  

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