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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Calling for Cappy

3:30am BBT
HOH ROOM - The herd discussing Kaysar and bashing Janie. Smells like last year.
Danielle: I don't' want him to go, I really don't...But at the same time...
Marcellas: that's two votes for Janelle on the jury if he stays.
Erika: True.
Danielle: That's true you guys.
Erika: ...Two votes to a season sixer period... cause James would be fair. (pregnant pause) Don't you think?
Danielle: I would hope.
Marcellas: I do think that... Especially now that they think they were attacked... Which they weren't, but whatever.
Danielle: I just feel like he feels... And she does... I don't get that from Howie and James... Maybe that's just me.
Erika: you what?
Danielle: I feel like Kaysar and Janelle feel like they were personally attacked but I don't get that from Howie and James.
    ***Gee, Danielle, really? Wonder why?
Marcellas: Those are 2 people that think very alike and they think only of themselves.
    ***ANNOYING BUZZER ALARM SOUND - WARNING: The hypocrisy level has risen to dangerous levels. Abort. Abort. Escape now.

They even started calling for Cappy... For shame.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't stand Marci, After Jani protected him from James he has just put her to the side now that S6 is not in power! what a two face!

12:52 PM  
Blogger Lo said...

yea i agree... i'm not too happy about the way Marcellas is playing the game... or just this aspect of his personality.

what's up w/ you calling them "the herd" lol... i don't think they are that bad... and i don't think they are such an alliance...

6:53 PM  

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